Revision history for Validate-Tiny

1.6     2016-11-08
	POD fixes (DJERIUS)

1.551   2015-05-08

        [Bug fixes]
        Fix is_a constraint stringification issue

        [New features]
        Add is_existing constraint

        Return success with bare return instead of return undef

1.501   2015-04-18 !!! Not backwards compatible. Read notes !!!
        [Bug fixes]
        - filters checked for undefined values

        [New features]
        - A new %FILTER hash allows a user to add custom filters
        - Object interface changed - new is now just a constructor and
          check is used to do actual validation. To adapt your code,
          it should be enough to just replace all Validate::Tiny->new with
        - Removed error_string function

1.015   2015-02-21
        Code refactoring

0.105   2014-04-04
        Out of beta. Stable release.
        No code changes.

0.982   2012-07-09
        Replaced "defined" with "exists" to allow filtering of keys
        with undef value.
        Added a third param to check subs $key, which contains the
        name of the fields being checked.

0.982   2012-05-08
        Fix a bug with $vt->data croaking if no input fields are

0.981   2012-04-26
        Empty fields array will now process all input fields

0.98    2012-02-01
        Fix whitespace glitch in filter 'strip'.
        Move tests to different files.
        Write more tests.

0.38    2012-01-25
        Added dependancy info in META

0.37    2012-01-20
        Add is_required_if closure

0.35    2012-01-16
        Fix stock closure logic when handling not-required fields.
        Test not only if the value is defined, but also if it is
        an empty value.

0.32    2012-01-12
        Ge back to using List::MoreUtils and Exporter
        (under pressure from reddit users)

0.31    2012-01-11
        Add credits in POD

0.30    2011-01-10
        Lower minimum required Perl version to 5.8
        add is_a, is_like, is_in constraint closures

0.21    2011-12-09
        Add "single" parameter to method "error_string".
        Fix typos and enhance POD.

0.20    2011-12-08
        Add method error_string

0.10    2011-12-08
        Typos in POD fixed.

0.09    2011-10-07
        Update Test::More dependency to 0.94 (needed for subtest)
        Remove dependency from List::MoreUtils

0.08    2011-09-17
        Fixed croak issue with missing fields
        Add undef checks

0.06    2011-07-25
        Add object interface

0.05    2011-07-22
        Edit meta files

0.01    2011-07-01
        First version, released.