1.53  Mon Aug 17 15:35:28 PDT 2015
	fix typo in MakefilePL that cause compiler to not be found at all

1.52  Thu Aug 13 22:44:48 PDT 2015
	fix Makefile.PL to accomodate bug in Android's sh

	fix Makefile.PL issue with clang compiler, bug 86831

1.51  Mon Jan 27 11:59:58 PST 2014
        modify Makefile.PL to bypass missing 'pod2text'

1.50  Tue Apr  9 12:02:34 PDT 2013
	changed Makefile.PL to check for config.h when building for XS
	with 'gcc', try building with 'cc', and check again.
	If config.h is not found, force Pure Perl mode.

	Kill XS in winduhs and Darwin, both of which misbehave when compiling XS code

1.49  Wed Apr  3 10:52:24 PDT 2013
	modify Makefile.PL to better detect 'winduhs'

1.48 Tue Oct  2 12:36:11 PDT 2012
	correct incorrect format for IPv6 embedded IPv4 addresses
	in InetBase v0.8

1.47  Fri Aug 10 11:46:18 PDT 2012
	correct typo in documentation POD
	Thanks to Gregor Herrmann, Debian Perl Group

	Updated GPL text and address

1.46  Fri Nov 11 19:23:11 PST 2011
	update documentation in InetBase v0.06

1.45  Fri Nov 11 13:20:32 PST 2011
	break out the code in InetBase v0.05 that expands short IPv4 
	addresses into dotquad format to account for broken BSD 
	implementations of inet_aton and gethostbyname that do 
	not recognize the short format. EXPORT this as sub 'fillIPv4'

	in Util.pm, add 'fillIPv4' to calls to gethostbyname to 
	work around broken inet_aton and gethostbyname implementations
	in certain BSD implementations

1.44  Wed Nov  2 19:15:31 PDT 2011
	improve inet_aton in InetBase v0.04 to overcome broken
	gethostbyname found in NetBSD and OpenBSD

1.43  Mon Oct 24 13:25:09 PDT 2011
	remove reference to Config{osname} in InetBase.pm v0.03

1.42  Fri Oct 21 10:34:46 PDT 2011
	Socket6 prior to version 0.23 does not have AF_INET6 in the
	EXPORT_OK array, modify InetBase.pm v0.02 to work around this.

1.41  Sat Oct 15 17:26:21 PDT 2011
	add inet_pton, inet_ntop, AF_INET, AF_INET6

	modify inet_n2dx and inet_n2ad to 
	recognize the new 128 bit IPv4 format

	replace isIPv4 with a pure perl version for portablity

	split the following into NetAddr::IP::InetBase v0.01
	to provide better long term support for IPv6

1.40  Sat Oct  8 01:33:44 PDT 2011
	remove debug print statement from Util.pm

1.39  Thu Oct  6 23:41:42 PDT 2011
	really correct missing internal reference

1.38  Thu Oct  6 20:20:33 PDT 2011
	corrected missing internal reference to inet_4map6

1.37  Thu Oct  6 18:23:04 PDT 2011
	addid isAnyIPv4, isNewIPv4, inet_4map6
	revised naip_gethostbyname
	to conform to Perl's gethostbyname output	

1.36  Sat Feb 19 10:04:00 PST 2011
	correction to use of package lexicals

	thanks to mishikal@yahoo.com for spotting the bug and to
	Mark Martinec mark.martinec+ama...@ijs.si for the solution.

1.35  Tue Nov 16 16:28:37 PST 2010
	naip_gethostbyname modified to return undef instead of 
	0 (zero) on failure

	thanks to Terry Cassidy enaudishaylee@tc17.com for the bug report

	move sub's ipv6_n2d and ipv6_n2x to non-autosplit portion
	of module to eliminate warnings during autosplit of "our" variables

	thanks to Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk>
	Bug-Debian: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=517361

1.34  Wed Sep 29 10:32:50 PDT 2010
	Conditionalize import of AF_INET6 in Util.pm

1.33  Tue Sep 21 17:50:50 PDT 2010
	Add UtilPolluted namespace to contain name space pollution
	created by "use Socket" when invoking Socket6.

1.32  Wed May 12 14:18:20 PDT 2010
	In Util.xs, 
	changed netswap() to postincrement 
        *a++ = to *a and added increment after save to mollify some
        picky compilers that return possible undefined behavior.

        changed type of _128x10 to 'void'

1.31  Tue Jun  9 10:31:11 PDT 2009
	ferret out shell value for Makefile.PL when calling
	./configure for systems where the 'x' bit gets lost
	due to bug in Archive::Tar

1.30  Sat Mar  7 16:35:33 PST 2009
	make the compiler test check the environment for
	CC before using Perl's default compiler

1.29  Sat Mar  7 16:15:18 PST 2009
	revised compiler test in Makefile.PL for Util v1.29
	to accomodate picky Solaris "cc"

1.28  Wed Dec 17 14:14:06 PST 2008
	set uninitialized "carry" in XS bin2bcd to zero

1.27  Tue Dec  9 12:00:08 PST 2008
	revised UtilPP v1.7 to work around perl 5.8.4 
	failures with certain @_ operations of goto &sub...
	see perl bug [ 23429]. Unfortunately, perl-5.8.4 is
	the distribution of choice for many solaris boxes

1.26  Fri Nov 28 23:19:01 PST 2008
	revised XS code to be full re-entrant... thread safe.
	removed all traces of mutex locks
	removed function 'threads' here an in UtilPP v1.6

1.25  Tue Nov 18 19:08:56 PST 2008
	correct documentation error in Util_PP v1.5

	add threads reporting to Util.xs and UtilPP

	added what is hopefully thread safe operation via
	serialization. Must be invoked by "--with-threads"

1.24  Wed Nov  5 18:13:20 PST 2008
	Clean up Makefile.PL to check actual required link
	libraries against the perl build for consistency

1.23  Sun Nov  2 10:10:38 PST 2008
	add missing headers in configure and localconf.h for Solaris inet_xton
	thanks to Karl Bunch <karl@digilink.net> for spotting the bug.

1.22  Wed Oct 22 14:54:12 PDT 2008
	eliminated dependence on PL_sawampersand
	thanks to Mark Martinec <Mark.Martinec@ijs.si>
	for spotting this and submitting a patch.

	force -noxs mode for Win32

	use autoconf to configure 'C' build

1.21  Thu Oct 16 19:35:33 PDT 2008
	again... clear build bug for Win32
	and lets get the version number right since it appears
	that it was up-rev'd at some point to 1.xx

0.20  Mon Oct  6 13:07:34 PDT 2008
	clear build bug for Win32

0.19  Sat Sep 27 13:36:58 PDT 2008
	updated test for ENDIANess in siteconf

	add test in inet_aton to detect overange IP dot quad values
	missed by some broken Socket implementations

0.18  Sun Aug  6 10:48:25 PDT 2006
	correct shiftleft documentation
	correct mask4to6 documentation

0.17  Thu Jul  6 10:46:48 PDT 2006
	update 'siteconf line 1608' to fix empty variable in inet_aton test
	update 'siteconf line 1636' to fix empty variable in inet_pton test
	add missing colon at t/notcontiguous.t line 66

0.16  Sun Jun 25 16:13:00 PDT 2006
	fixed ->new() issues with long digit strings ->new('::fffff')
	and non hex digits ->new('::foo').
	Thanks to Radoslaw Zielinski <radek42@gmail.com>
	for spotting those bugs

0.15  Tue Jun 13 14:42:34 PDT 2006
	UtilPP.pm v0.07 & Util.xs 'shiftleft' so that the original
	argument is returned when the shift count is '0' or missing

0.14  Tue Jun  6 08:37:01 PDT 2006
	add logic to check LIBS => [-lfiles]
	individually. ExtUtils::xxx does a bad job and
	leaves libs that do not exist in the list
	which causes 'siteconf' to blow up on missing libs
	on perl 5.053 (and probably others)

0.13  Tue Jun  6 08:33:11 PDT 2006
	added to xs file, 'hopefully' to allow build on windoze platforms

0.12  Tue Jun  6 08:21:12 PDT 2006
	add logic to makefile so 'siteconfig' and C libs
	are not used in PurePerl mode

0.11  Mon Jun  5 14:45:09 PDT 2006
	fix Sparc problems
    1)	add workaround for OS's that do not have inet_aton

    2)	add workaround for compilers that do not understand
	#if MACRO1 == MACRO2

0.10  Sat Jun  3 19:07:51 PDT 2006
	add site configuration to supply u_intxx_t vars
	for Sun OS and others that don't have them

0.09  Sun May  7 18:06:43 PDT 2006
	UtilPP.pm v0.06, removed unnecessary pack(unpack) sequences
	to speed up ipv4->6, ipv6->4 conversions

0.08  Wed Apr 26 18:33:12 PDT 2006
	correct documentation error
	add ipv6to4

0.07  Sun Apr 23 16:11:56 PDT 2006
	correct reporting error in UtilPP v0.04 for
	incorrect argument length in ipv4 -> 6 conversions

	add conditional netaddr conversion functions
	ipanyto6, maskanyto6 to Util.xs and UtilPP v0.05

0.06  Tue Apr 18 16:50:53 PDT 2006
	add ipv4to6, mask4to6 to Util.pm and UtilPP.pm v0.03

0.05  Sat Apr 15 15:48:17 PDT 2006
	Fixed some typo's in Makefile.PL that
	failed to update README during build

0.04  Wed Apr 12 15:43:33 PDT 2006
	add Util_IS.pm to guarantee that the XS lib is not
	loaded if a previous incarnation of the same version
	has previously been installed on the system and the
	module is built with -noxs

0.03  Tue Apr  4 21:55:35 PDT 2006
	update minisocket to perl-5.9.3, add header
	file for backwards compatibility

	add function 'notcontiguous' to return cidr size
	and check for spurious bits in the network mask

0.02  Fri Mar 31 12:44:15 PST 2006
	added test for illegal characters to ipv6_aton

	added UtilPP for Pure Perl functionality for the
	WinTel folks that don't have gcc on their systems

0.01  Tue Mar 28 16:42:44 PST 2006
	initial release