Revision history for Perl extension Plack::Middleware::Auth::Complex.

0.003001 2017-07-18T08:20+01:00
 - Fix tests when Authen::Passphrase::Scrypt is not installed

0.003 2017-07-15T16:55+01:00
 - Use Data::Entropy instead of Bytes::Random::Secure (since
   Authen::Passphrase already uses Data::Entropy)
 - Add support for the scrypt password hashing algorithm using

0.002 2017-03-25T21:13+03:00
 - Prevent blocking (use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random)
 - Add a script to change user password (/usr/bin/passwd lookalike)

0.001001 2015-03-08T16:54+02:00
 - Call init at first request to allow non-delayed loading (e.g. starman --preload-app).
 - Make "Invalid username" error message customizable

0.001 2015-03-01T14:30+02:00
 - First stable release
 - Add authentication cache
 - Change the default values of some options
 - Split user creation logic from call_register to a new method
 - Fix a POD bug
 - Fix reset email subject
 - Improve test coverage
 - Add perlcritic tests and make code compliant

0.000_001 2015-03-01T01:20+02:00
 - Initial release