Changes for Perl::Tidy::Sweetend

1.18 - Sun Jan 31 12:24:35 EST 2021
    Fixes tests to handle more changes in spacing in Perl::Tidy versions
    [Only changes tests. No need to upgrade.]

1.17 - Sun Jan 24 11:36:21 EST 2021
    Handles errors in closing sub comments when there are 10+ subs.
    Fixes GH#20. Thanks to @fpostma72 for the bug report and PR.
    Perl-Tidy-20200907 changed an indentation of side comments. This patch
    adjusts the tests.
    Fixes GH#18. Thanks to @ppisar for the bug report and PR.
    Respects the -cscp argument.
    [Upgrade recommended if you use closing sub comments.]

1.16 - Wed Apr  8 11:57:37 EDT 2020
    Adds support for 'around/before/after' keywords (GH#17)
    Thanks to witoldwegner for the PR.
    [Upgrade recommended if you use these method modifiers.]

1.15 - Tue Aug 28 09:15:20 EDT 2018
    Adds basic support for kavorka traits (is/does/but) (GH#16)
    Update the perl versions to test with travis (+5.28, +5.26, -5.21)
    Thanks to Peter Roberts (@pwr22) for the PR. (GH#16).
    [Upgrade recommended if you use Kavorka.]

1.14 - Wed Mar 28 17:36:19 EDT 2018
    Adds support for Kavorka's basic keywords.
    Thanks to Peter Roberts (@pwr22) for the PR. (GH#13).
    [Upgrade recommended if you use Kavorka.]

1.13 - Thu May 18 12:47:46 EDT 2017
    Adds support for closing side comments (GH#12)
    Thanks to Aaron Priven for the bug report
    [Upgrade recommended if you use the -csc flag.]

1.12 - Tue Oct  4 15:56:53 EDT 2016
    Add support to extend classes with :: (e.g, Object::Person).
    Thanks to @pblaberge for the PR.
    [Upgrade recommended.]

1.11 - Fri Apr 15 09:29:03 EDT 2016
    Sends Perl::Tidy errors during testing to a string instead of fs (GH#9)
    - By default Perl::Tidy writes a perltidy.ERR file when it encounters
      errors. Perl::Tidy::Sweetened tests remove the error file then check
      to see if it is created after each test. This leads to a race
      condition with running in parallel (ie, prove -j 9). This commit makes
      Perl::Tidy write errors to a string buffer instead. Thanks @shlomif
      for the bug report (GH#9).
    [Only changes tests. No need to upgrade.]

1.10 - Sun Mar 13 13:14:01 EDT 2016
    Skips test that fails with Perl::Tidy 20160301 due to a Perl::Tidy bug
    - Adds test-all script to run against multiple versions of Perl::Tidy
    - Moves display of Perl::Tidy version to t/00-version.t
    Fixes typo in cpan badge URL
    [Only changes tests. No need to upgrade.]

1.09 - Fri Mar 11 21:27:42 EST 2016
    Converts from Module::Build to Module::Built::Tiny and the mbtiny tool
    Adds perltidy-sweet script to distribution
    Fixes issues with badges
    [Optional upgrade]

1.08 - Fri Mar 11 20:55:29 EST 2016
    Updates tests to support Perl::Tidy 20160301 and later
    - New version of Perl::Tidy has some support for new syntax. This is
      great, but it has some minor impact on spacing in our tests.
    [Upgrade recommended if you are using newer versions of Perl::Tidy]

1.07 - Wed Jan 27 09:36:42 EST 2016
    Adds new podweaver sections
    - Bugs in pod now point to GH issues
    - Adds contributors list to pod
    - Adds link to github in pod
    [No need to upgrade]

1.06 - Tue Jan 26 17:21:34 EST 2016
    Ignore 'method' functions (not pseudo-keywords) like those in
      MooseX::Role::Parameterized (PR#6, RT#106464).
    Use faster container-based infrastructure for Travis (PR#7).
    Both of these patch were contributed by @oschwald. Thanks!
    [Upgrade recommended if you use MooseX::Role::Parameterized]

1.05 - Sat Aug 22 10:07:24 EDT 2015
    Changes placeholder from comment at end of line, to munged sub/pkg name.
    So, instead of turning:

        method test_method_a ($self) {


        sub test_method_a { # SUB1

    we now turn it into

        sub SUB1_method_a {

    This eliminates issues with Perl::Tidy moving that trailing comment, and
    attempts to preserve the length of the method name so any changes to
    formatting due to name length will be consistent.

    Bug fixes and improvements to tests:
    - Bug fix: RT#106398 "long single line subs" should be handled correctly.
    - Adds (failing) test for RT#106464
    - Adds checks for creation of perltidy.ERR file as part of tests
    - Adds simpler means of specifying TODO tests

    - Would like to preserve the *length* of the clauses in order to allow
      Perl::Tidy to format them. This could probably be done with prototypes
      for sub, but not sure what you do with packages.

    [This upgrade is recommended if you are experiencing issues with
    "# SUB_" comments being left in your code.]

1.04 - Fri Mar 20 09:16:11 EDT 2015
    This release fixes bug reported in RT#102815.
    - We had been overwriting the result of the -sbl and -bl flags, which
      control line breaks before opening subroutine brace.  Thanks to Serge
      Colle for the bug report.
    - This fix makes changes to the way the post_filter parses a line. Please
      test this with your codebase and report any bugs.
    [This upgrade is recommended if you use the -sbl or -bl flags.]

1.03 - Sat Dec 20 16:53:27 EST 2014
    Adds the perltidy-sweet command
    - More clearly indicates how this differs from perltidy than perltidier.
      Thanks to Dave Rolsky (autarch) for the suggestion.
    - Keeps perltidier command as many users are already used to this.

1.02 - Tue Dec  9 12:28:49 EST 2014
    Fixes handling of 5.20 experimental signatures
    - It looked like Perl::Tidy would handle the new 5.20 experimental
      signatures, but it fails when you try to use an empty hash as a
      default value (and maybe elsewhere).
    - Have to add a block parse for "sub (...) {"
    Adds test for anonymous sub routines for perl 5.20 signatures

1.01 - Sat Aug 23 14:35:05 EDT 2014
    Adds support/test for Moops

1.00 - Sat Aug 16 09:57:05 EDT 2014
    Bumps to version 1.00. Been stable for several years now.

0.27 - Wed Aug  6 04:32:47 EDT 2014
    Adds $TODO flag that works with newest version of Test::More.

0.26 - Mon Aug  4 03:53:40 EDT 2014
    Deals with MooseX::Delcare's "is" attribute for classes (GH#5)
    Thanks to stratust for the bug report

    Adds test to ensure we work with perl 5.20 signatures
    It doesn't look like any changes are needed, but it's good to have the
    tests in place to make sure.

0.25 - Fri Jun  6 10:38:57 EDT 2014
    Fixes (GH#3): Typo in documentation. Method::Signatures::Simple instead of
    Thanks to aggrolite for the bug report and patch.

0.24 - Thu Apr 24 07:27:09 EDT 2014
    Fixes RT#94633: class WORD::WORD was not parsed correctly.
    Thanks to Kent Fredric for the bug report.

0.23 - Fri Jan  3 14:25:22 EST 2014
    Re-uploads to try to fix indexing issue.

0.22 - Fri Oct  4 08:11:50 EDT 2013
    Removes extraneous files from release

0.21 - Wed Oct  2 12:45:51 EDT 2013
    Adds support for the new p5-mop syntax
    - Introduces a plugin to support twigils
    - Generalizes the SubSignature plugin to work with keywords that start
    Further abstracts the creation of new subroutine filters
    Builds on Kent Fredric's plugin abstraction to make the parameter list,
    return type, and any other clause definable.

0.20 - Mon May  6 11:16:28 EDT 2013
    Significant refactoring (by Kent Fredric++) to make the filters pluggable.

    - Fixes RT#85076 bug (support for returns() syntax)
    - Switches to named captures to make the regex more clear (ok, since we
      already require 5.010 for the balanced paranes)
    - Stores signature (and any returns() declaration) externally rather
      than in the code via comments. Nice idea Kent++.
    - Adds a .perltidyrc file so all contributers style will be consistent

0.19 - Fri Apr 26 10:20:13 EDT 2013
    Removes unnecessary (?^:) wrapper around paren regex. Bumps req to 5.10
    The (?^ cluster is causing failures on pre-5.14 version of perl. It does
    not appear to be necessary given our use of the regex. On the other
    hand, the use of (?-1) was added in 5.10, so let's bump the perl
    requirement back to 5.10 (it is hard to imagine anyone using modern
    method syntax on a pre-5.10 perl).

0.18 - Fri Apr 26 09:43:24 EDT 2013
    Fixes bug where balanced parens in the parameters list were not correctly
    formatted (RT#84868).

    Minor tweaks:
    - Adds Perl::Tidy::Sweet as an alternate module name.
    - Changes hash bang for the perltidier script so it is rewritten at install.
    - Drops minimum perl version to 5.8
    - Adds travis-ci config file

0.17 - Mon Feb 25 15:53:33 EST 2013
    Fixes RT#83511 - empty parameter list improperly rewritten
    - Addresses a bug, reported by Kent Fredric, where "method for() {" was
      converted to "method foo { ()"

0.16 - Fri Feb  8 16:19:37 EST 2013
    Bumps the perl version requirement
    We want to use \K in our regexps. This was introduced in 5.10. Since
    the purpose of this is to support modern Perl syntax, we'll just
    assume users are using a modern version of perl.

0.15 - Wed Nov 28 17:53:06 EST 2012
    Adds missing prereq

0.14 - Wed Sep  5 14:54:50 EDT 2012
    Fixes lingering typos

0.13 - Wed Sep  5 14:51:21 EDT 2012
    Fixes lingering typos

0.12 - Tue Sep  4 22:39:26 EDT 2012
    Fixes typo in package name, adds pod and comments

0.11 - Tue Sep  4 20:03:08 EDT 2012
    Improves testing setup and implements formatting for "func"

0.10 - Wed Aug 22 11:53:23 EDT 2012
    Initial implementation. Much of the code and the idea come from
    Jonathan Swartz's blog post: