Palm::Progect::Converter::Text - Convert between Progect databases and Text files


    my $converter = Palm::Progect::Converter->new(
        format => 'Text',
        # ... other args ...


    # ... do stuff with records



This converts between Text files and Palm::Progect records and preferences.

The Text format used for import/export looks something like this:

    [x] Level 1 Todo item
        [10%] Child (progress)
            . Child of Child (informational)

    [80%] (31/12/2001) Progress item
        [ ] Unticked action item

Here is a summary of the various types of records:

    [ ] action type
    [x] completed action type
    < > action type with todo link
    <x> completed action type with todo link

    [80%] progress type
    [4/5] numeric type

    . info type

    [ ] [5] action type with priority
    [ ] (15/7/2001) action type with date

    [80%] [5] (15/7/2001) {category} progress type with priority and date and category

    [80%] [5] (15/7/2001) {category} progress type with priority and date and category <<
        Multi-Line note
        for this item


These options can be passed to the Palm::Progect::Converter constructor, for instance:

    my $converter = Palm::Progect::Converter->new(
        format    => 'Text',
        tabstop   => 4,

Treat tabs as n spaces wide (default is 8)


Use spaces to indent instead of tabs


The format for dates: Any combination of dd, mm, yy, yyyy (default is dd/mm/yy).

Any dates that are printed will use this format. Dates that are parsed will be expected to be in this format.


Wrap text to fit on n columns


load_records($file, $append)

Load Text records from $file, translating them into the internal Palm::Progect::Record format.

If $append is true then load_records will append the records imported from $file to the internal records list. If false, load_records will replace the internal records list with the records imported from $file.

save_records($file, $append)

Export records in Text format to $file.

If $append is true then load_records will append the Text to file. If false, export_records If false, export_records will overwrite $file (if it exists) before writing the Text.


Michael Graham <>

Copyright (C) 2002-2005 Michael Graham. All rights reserved. This program is free software. You can use, modify, and distribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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