Revision history for Perl extension Palm::Progect.

[2.0.4] 2005/10/02
    - Pod tests were mistakenly excluded from distribution

[2.0.3] 2005/09/26
    - Added Pod tests
    - Updated docs for
    - CPANTS found that 'use strict' was missing in some modules in the
      distribution.  Fixed this.
    - Updated copyright dates in pod

[2.0.2] 2005/01/29
    - Changed to Module::Build based installer
    - Added prerequisite for Test::Harness and Test::More
    - removed Test::* modules from test directory
    - Fixed pod errors in Palm::Progect::Converter::LiteText
    - fixed broken csv test
    - Padded out categories to 16 (mainly to remove warnings about
      undefined values, but it's probably more correct this way anyways)

[2.0.1] 2002/06/01
    - Fixed a bug where dates in January did not get stored properly
      (thanks to Frank Meineke for spotting this one)

    - Fixed the docs to note that version 1.2.4 of p5-palm is required

    - Attempt to automatically require version 1.2.4 of p5-palm in

[2.0.0] 2002/04/28
    ** This Major internal rewrite adds new features and creates
       a few incompatibilities. See upgrade_2.0.txt for details. **

    - Progect db version 0.23 now supported

    - Can convert back and forth between 0.18 and 0.23 database formats

    - Converters (for import/export) made modular.  Users can add own
      converters to the system and they will integrate automatically
      with progconv.

    - priorities now working

    - COMPATIBILITY CHANGE: --date-format now split into:
         --date-format      (for Text converter only)
         --csv-date-format  (for CSV converter only)

    - countless API changes to Palm::Progect

    - new guide to the internals (hacking.txt)

    - now generates sensible prefs defaults

[1.9.x] 2002/04/xx
    - unreleased testing versions, leading up to 2.0.0 release
    - Thanks to Mark Allman for testing and feedback

[1.0.2] 2001/09/29
    - progconv couldn't handle paths with dots in them (thanks to Kris Gale
      for the bugreport and patch)
    - don't ignore lines that start with # when they are within
      a multi-line field (i.e. a note)

[1.0.1] 2001/07/24
    - Notes were not being imported/exported properly (thanks to
      Alain Mellan for the bugreport and patch)
    - Fixed string packing/unpacking for 5.005 and 5.6.1

[1.0.0] 2001/07/22
    - Released! Available on

[0.9.4] 2001/07/22
    - Tidied up docs, added examples
    - Added Readme

[0.9.3] 2001/07/22
    - removed vestiges of Andrew Arensburger's code from Palm::Progect
      (I had originally used Palm::Mail as a template for Palm::Progect)
    - added dual GPL/Artistic license
    - renamed Rebuild_Relationships to Repair_Tree (since it's similar
      to the function of that name in Progect itself)

[0.9.2] 2001/07/21
    - realized multi-line descriptions not supported in Progect.
      They were buggy anyways, so removed mention of them from the docs.

[0.9.1] 2001/07/21
    - added tests
    - fixed all the bugs that the tests revealed :)
    - added changelog

[0.9.0] 2001/07/20
    - used h2xs to make proper Perl CPAN-style package
    - started to make both Palm::Progect and progconv safe under perl -w

[0.2.1] 2001/07/15
    - improved docs
    - added csv command-line switches
    - fixed bugs

[0.2.0] 2001/07/14
    - text import done
    - added csv import/export
    - feature complete

[0.1.0] 2001/07/12
    - Palm::Progect done, file format mostly sussed
    - text export done