Revision history for Config-Context

0.10    2005-Nov-06
        - there are no changes to the Config::Context itself in this
          release.  The only changes are to the test suite.
        - this version should pass all its tests under Cygwin and native Windows
        - fixed test failures when running the distribution on a remote
          filesystem where the timestamp of created files cannot be
          changed to the current time
        - fixed problem in one of the tests that loaded a writable
          Config::Scoped file under windows
        - fixed warnings about test XML files not having explicit
          character encodings (in newer versions of SAX::Parser::PurePerl)
        - fixed a test error in includes.t that made it fail on
          case-insensitive filesystems
        - fixed test failures on some platforms where Cwd::abs_path
          fails on a non-existent file
        - fixed some bugs in file-caching.t
           - in test "Modify before (short) statconfig: Caching ON: objects identical"
             - wrong configs were being compared
             - cleared the config cache before test
        - fixed warning in includes.t when tests are run without Config::General installed
        - changed misc/ to misc/
        - changed t/skip_lib to t/prereq_scenarios

0.09    2005-Aug-12
        - fixed a bug in the tests for testing module prerequisites
        - it is now possible to run the test suite while simulating the
          absense of specific config modules.  To run the test suite
          multiple times (each with a different selection of absent
          modules), run:

             $ perl misc/ t/*.t

          To customize this process, see the instructions at the top of

0.08    2005-May-??
        - documentation fixes

0.07    2005-May-06
        - improved error messages when one or more of a driver's
          prerequisite modules are missing

0.06    2005-May-04
        - Minor documentation fixes
        - config option to new:
          - removed the requirement to specify a driver
          - added test case
        - added 'files' method
        - changed Config::General feature detection
        - suppress warnings that appear under "perl -w" but not under
          "use warnings" (for removing warnings during test suite)
        - changed 'lower_case_names' in Config::Context::XMLSimple from
          an error to a warning
        - fixed XMLSimple driver so that system fails gracefully when
          XML modules are not installed
        - fixed tests to detect all prereqs of driver, instead of just
          a single module (this was done mostly for XML::Simple which
          depends on three modules)

0.05    2005-Apr-24
        - First internal version, based on Config::General::Match 0.04
        - added Config::Scoped support
        - added caching features from CGI::Application::Plugin::Config::General
        - added XML::Simple support
        - modified test suite to support multiple drivers