Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-AnyTemplate

0.18    Oct 18, 2009
        - Can now use Clone::PP if Clone is not installed.
          Thanks to Bianka Martinovic (RT #37999).  Note that there
          doesn't appear to be a way to indicate to Module::Build that
          the module can use either Clone or Clone::PP - that it
          requires one (but not both) of them.  So for now, Clone is
          still listed as a prerequisite.

        - updated Template::Toolkit driver docs to indicate how to use 
          different encodings.  Thanks to Shmuel Fomberg (RT #34791).
        - removed spurious call to $template->error on Petal templates.
          Thanks to William McKee (RT #20221).

        - Component handler now weakens reference to containing_template,
          in an attempt to avoid crazy memory usage.  Thanks to Dan Horne
          (RT #18157).
        - Changes of interest to module maintainers only:
          - t/prereqs-scenarios is now included in the distribution.  
            This is how I simulate the absense of specific modules when 
            running the test suite.  For instance, the user may have 
            HTML::Template::Expr installed, but not HTML::Template::Pluggable.
            Or they may have Clone::PP installed, but not Clone.

            To test the various prerequisite scenarios, use the included 

              ./misc/ t/prereq_scenarios -Ilib t/

            This runs the test suite several times.  Each time it simulates
            a different set of unavailable modules.

            Adapted from the Perl Hacks book.
          - fixed the makedocs script to work with more recent pod2html
          - changed noindex to no_index in META.yml

0.17    Nov 07, 2005
        - fixed storage of TT objects so that objects with different
          named configs don't trample each other (discovered by RA Jones)

0.16    Nov 03, 2005
        - fixed fill() so that when it is called without parameters, it
          does not set the filename to undef.
        - changed skip_libs to prereq_scenarios (and removed the scenarios
          from the distribution)
        - added new scenario for old CAP::Forward

0.15    Oct 03, 2005
        - include fix to work with old version of CAP::Forward that
          doesn't always install its hooks properly.

0.14    Sep 25, 2005
        - added template_filename_generator
        - minor doc fix

0.13    Sep 14, 2005
        - fixd bug where clear_params didn't work (Wojciech Pietron)
        - fixed typos in docs regarding include_paths and
          add_include_paths (Wojciech Pietron)
        - minor doc fix

0.12    Sep 13, 2005
        - added return_references option, defaulting to true.
        - changed load_tmpl to always return a string, rather than a
        - added documentation indicating that output returns a reference
          by default

0.11    Sep 08, 2005
        - fixed a bug fill/process when called with a single non-hashref
          argument.  The following used to be broken; now they DWIM:


        - fixed a bug in template_post_process that has been there since
          the beginning.  The callback was being called as:

              template_post_process($self, \$output)  # wrong!

          But it was documented as:

              template_post_process($self, $template, \$output)  # right!

          It's been fixed to match the documentation.

0.10    Aug 17, 2005
        - This is a major new release with a lot of new features and
          some incompatible API changes.

          The new features are:

            * new driver (HTMLTemplatePluggable) has support for
              HTML::Template::Pluggable and HTML::Template::Plugin::Dot

            * AnyTemplate can now optionally provide a load_tmpl method
              like the one built into CGI::Application, so that old code
              can get the benefit of AnyTemplate.

            * added support for the load_tmpl hook

            * test suite should be less fragile for users who don't have
              all of the templating modules installed

          The incompatibilities are:

            * associate_query off by default
            * associate_query now deprecated
            * CAP::Forward now required
            * default template names determined from $self->current_runmode, not
              from the name of the calling sub
            * template_pre_process and template_post_process now need to be
              explicitly registered with $self->add_callback()
            * tmpl_path is respected

        - for more info on these changes see the changelog below for the developer
          versions released since 0.08

0.10_06 Aug 17, 2005 [**DEVELOPER RELEASE**] [unreleased]
        - added an explit test to see if HTML::Template::Plugin::Dot works

0.10_05 Aug 13, 2005 [**DEVELOPER RELEASE**]
        - fixed a bug in the tests for testing module prerequisites
        - it is now possible to run the test suite while simulating the
          absense of specific templating modules.  To run the test suite
          multiple times (each with a different selection of absent
          modules), run:

             $ perl misc/ t/*.t

          To customize this process, see the instructions at the top of

0.10_04 Aug 13, 2005 [**DEVELOPER RELEASE**]
        - new driver HTMLTemplatePluggable has support for
          HTML::Template::Pluggable and HTML::Template::Plugin::Dot
          (thanks to Mark Stosberg for starting the driver)

0.10_03 July 27, 2005 [**DEVELOPER RELEASE**]
        - moved 'forward' to its own module: CGI::Application::Plugin::Forward
        - changed instances of 'use base' to use... and @ISA to be kinder to old Perls
        - made hook-based tests skip if installed CGI::Application
          doesn't support hooks

0.10_02 July 25, 2005 [**DEVELOPER RELEASE**]
        - wrapped usage of CGI::Application's callback system in

            if ($webapp->can('call_hook')) { ... }

          ...or equivalent, so CGI::Application 4.x is not required.

0.10_01 July 25, 2005 [**DEVELOPER RELEASE**]
        - this version has several API changes that are not backwards compatible:

          - template names used to be automatically determined from the name
            of the calling subroutine:

                sub my_runmode {
                    my $self = shift;
                sub other_method {
                    my $self = shift;
                    $self->template->fill;  # loads 'other_method.html'

            There were two problems with this method:
               1. Not every subroutine or method is a run mode
               2. Under debuggers, the name of the calling subroutine is
                  often not available, so code that uses automatic
                  template names can't be run under a debugger.

            So now AnyTemplate has been changed to get the template name
            from $self->get_current_runmode:

                sub my_runmode {
                    my $self = shift;
                sub other_method {
                    my $self = shift;
                    $self->template->fill;  # loads 'my_runmode.html'

            If you want to pass control to another runmode and you want
            $self->get_current_runmode to be updated, then you use the
            new 'forward' method:

                sub my_runmode {
                    my $self = shift;
                    return $self->forward('other_runmode');
                sub other_runmode {
                    my $self = shift;
                    $self->template->fill;  # loads 'other_runmode.html'

          - template_pre_process and template_post_process are no longer
            called automatically.  Instead you must register them as

            $self->add_callback('template_pre_process', \&template_pre_process);
            $self->add_callback('template_post_process', \&template_post_process);

          - associate_query and emulate_associate_query have now been
            disabled by default. Having this feature enabled by default
            was a potential XSS (Cross Site Scripting) security risk.
            The use of this feature is now deprecated.  The feature
            will be removed in the future

        - other changes:
          - added option to override load_tmpl.  It is enabled by:

              use CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate qw(load_tmpl);

            When this feature is enabled, you can do the following:

                    path => '/path/to/templates',

            And this is translated into:

                    add_include_path => '/path/to/templates',
                    HTMLTemplate     => \%other_options,
                    auto_add_template_extension => 0,

          - added support for the load_tmpl hook, compatible with the
            one built into CGI::Application

          - $self->tmpl_path is now merged into 'include_path'

          - documentation for authors of plugins and re-usable applications

          - documentation for why the automatic extension mechanism is there

          - re-numbered some test scripts

0.08    July 20, 2005
        - fixed bug where keys of configuration hashref were clobbered,
          so if you used the same config repeatedly (e.g. under
          mod_perl), onlyt the first call would work.
          (thanks to R.A. Jones)

0.07    July 10, 2005
        - templates can also be created from strings via fill:
             return $self->template->fill(\$some_text, \%params);

0.06    July 10, 2005
        - allowed templates to be created from strings (works in all
          drivers except Petal):

             $self->template->load(string => \$some_text);

0.05    Jun 15, 2005
        - changed embedded components from 'dispatch' to 'embed' to
          avoid confusion with CGI::Application::Dispatch

          This is an incompatible API change, which hopefully won't
          actually affect anybody since I don't think there are any
          users of AnyTemplate yet.

          The default syntax has changed from:
              CGIAPP_dispatch, CGIAPP.dispatch, CGIAPP/dispatch, etc.
              CGIAPP_embed, CGIAPP.embed, CGIAPP/embed, etc.

          The old syntax still works to embed components in TT and
          Petal (but is undocumented). Users of HTML::Template and
          HTML::Template::Expr can return to the old syntax by setting
          embed_tag_name to 'cgiapp_dispatch'

          Related API changes:
          - CAP:AnyTemplate::Dispatcher has been renamed to

          - the dispatcher_class option has been renamed to
            component_handler class

          - the dispatch_tag_name driver config key has been renamed to

0.04    May 19, 2005
        - fixed Pod links and other minor doc issues

0.03    May 19, 2005
        - Fixed one More POD NAME error

0.02    May 19, 2005
        - Fixed NAME sections in driver POD

0.01    May 18, 2005
        - Initial Release