=head1 NAME

VobPathConv.pod -- Convert VOB tags and paths from unix to the local region

This module is needed especially to convert to Windows, paths defined in the
reference unix region (this of the registry server).


Only five functions are exported:

=over 5

=item uxtag2local

This function assumes a registered vob tag, and returns the equivalent tag
in the local region.
In case the input parameter is not a vob tag, it returns an empty string.
Note however that all processing is skipped if the local region matches the
reference unix region: in that case, the input path is returned as such with
no check whatsoever.

=item uxpath2local

This function assumes a path within a vob. It extracts the vob tag, converts
it, and based on this, reconstructs the equivalent path in the local region.
Note that it doesn't attempt to add a view prefix, or to check in any way that
either of the paths actually exists or is reachable.
The function returns an empty string in the case the path could not be found
to be in any registered vob (with the same restriction as above)

=item uxpath2localtag

This function takes a path, and returns the vob tag in the local region.
Contrarily to the other two, this one actually works even in the reference
unix region, even if it acts there as a suboptimal replacement for
C<ct des -s vob:path>.

=item winpath2ux

This function works backwards from the former ones: the path it takes
is a local Windows one (in a vob).
It returns the equivalent one in a target unix region (this of the
registry host, unless a host was explicitely passed as argument).

The path accessibility is not tested beyond the validity of the vob
tag: the function is intended to be usable on non reachable paths.

Note that the function is only meant to be used from a Windows host,
and with a local path: the module will not attempt to get the Windows
region (out of the list of registered regions--there could even be

=item localtag2tgt

This function is on one hand the counterpart of the previous one for
vob tags. This means however that it is not restricted to work
exclusively on Windows tags.

On an other hand, if the target region matches the local one, the
input tag is tested for existence I<as a directory> (this is a
compromise for performance--some corner cases might be considered: the
path might not be a tag; the vob might not be mounted and the mount
point might not exist).


=head1 DETAILS

The module is designed to be independent from any local configuration.
The functions except I<localtag2tgt> rely upon the following

=over 2

=item The local registry server runs a variant of unix -- i.e. uses a path
separator of C</>.

=item The vob tags offered as input parameters are registered in the region
of the registry server.
This may not be true is there are several unix regions.


The implementation relies only on C<lsvob> and vob C<uuid>s.