0.3.7 2021-10-04

    - Replaced av_top_index() with av_len() to retain backwards
      compatibility with older Perl versions (GH#1). Removed ppport.h.
    - Fixed memory leaks in XS code.

0.3.6 2021-06-07

    - Adapted the code to work with Graph v0.9717 and later (GH#8).

0.3.5 2021-04-06

    - Increased the workspace size to handle larger and more intricate

0.3.4 2020-10-29

    - Fixed segfaults caused by empty graphs given to are_isomorphic().

0.3.3 2020-09-16

    - Fixed issue with treating edge vertices of one color as the same.
    - Added canonical_order() to get the canonical order of graph
    - Extended POD documentation to cover vertex ordering.

0.3.2 2020-09-10

    - Extended POD documentation to cover vertex and edge colors.
    - Renamed Graph::Nauty::EdgeNode to Graph::Nauty::EdgeVertex to have
      a consistent terminology.

0.3.1 2020-08-28

    - Added comparison of corresponding vertices to are_isomorphic(), as
      only the graph topology was taken into consideration previously.

0.3.0 2020-08-25

    - Switched are_isomorphic() to comparison of canonically labelled
      graphs, as done by nauty.
    - Added orbits_are_same() to compare orbits.
    - orbits are now enumerated based on nauty's canonical labelling of
    - Added installation instructions to the POD (GH#7).

0.2.0 2020-08-19

    - Added support for colored edges.
    - Fixed a typo in POD.
    - Added ppport.h (GH#1).

0.1.2 2020-08-11

    - orbits() now accepts additional ordering subroutine-parameter to
      order nodes of the same color in order to remove a source of
    - Automatically generating minimum Perl version (GH#4).

0.1.1 2020-05-09

    - Added are_isomorphic().
    - Removed a source of nondeterminism of Graph::neighbours() (GH#2).
    - Initializing empty arrays (GH#3).

0.1.0 2020-05-01

    - Initial release.