Revision history for DBIx-Class-MooseColumns

0.22    2011-05-06 01:28:00+0100
	Workaround for silly CPAN indexer.

0.21    2011-05-06 01:07:00+0100
        Made it work in roles (under Moose 2.x). (Attributes with 'add_column'
            option can be defined in roles and then the role can be applied to
            DBIC result classes.)
        Make this module work with roles in Moose 1.9900+. (Dave Rolsky)

0.20    2011-03-20 23:11:00+0100
        Fixed a test failure with recent DBIx::Class. (TestSchema is not a
            MooseX::NonMoose class any more to make tests pass.)

0.19    2011-03-15 17:52:00+0100
        Moose 1.99+ compatibility (but still works with Moose 1.24).

0.18    2011-03-15 13:29:00+0100
        Workaround for a SQLite sillyness (columns are NOT NULL by default).
        Removed workaround of a MooseX::NonMoose weirdness. (Now TestSchema does
            not need a dummy constructor - which, btw, made 01-warnings.t fail.)
        Fixed some set_column/set_inflated_column copy-paste errors.
        Fixed a missing semicolon in
            (This resulted in a syntax error in the generated accessor when a
            trigger was defined.)
        Tests for the trigger method (attribute option).

0.17    2011-01-27 12:11:00+0100
        Workaround to make it work with new (1.21) Moose.

0.16    2010-12-14 11:19:00+0100
        Fixed Test::Aggregate dependency.

0.15    2010-11-16 14:52:00+0100
        Fixed a bug in agg-t/user/01-warnings.t. Used to fail on Perl 5.8.

0.14    2010-11-11 17:10:00+0100
        Fixed a bug in the fixture (made false test failures with some
            SQLite/SQL::Translator versions).

0.13    2010-11-09 09:49:00+0100
        Fixed a silly renaming bug.

0.12    2010-11-07 23:27:00+0100
        Added tests for the predicate, clearer (TODO), builder, initializer,
            default value.
        Made the builder, initializer and default value work.
        Fixed a bug (typo) in the clearer.
        Renamed attribute metaclass roles to have ::Role:: in their name.
        Using MooseX::NonMoose in the result classes of the tests again.

0.11    2010-11-06 14:10:00+0100
        Reworked tests to test both mutable and immutable classes.
        Added tests to make sure the features work in subclasses.
        Re-thought and rewrote the the DBIC proxy of the attributes. (Much
            cleaner and faster and also works with Moose 1.19. Unfortunately
            this does not work with older Moose.)
        Runs the benchmark author tests for both mutable and immutable classes.
        Added tests for the case when the instance metaclass is non-inlinable.

0.10    2010-06-22 16:43:00+0200
        Documented the order of "has", "table" and "set_primary_key".

0.09    2010-06-21 15:43:00+0200
        Fixed a silly quoting issue in the accessor inlining code.

0.08    2010-06-21 15:21:00+0200
        Does not export Moose sugar any more.
        Added tests for warnings during "has" processing.
        Does not store the whole \%column_info in the attribute.
        Works with DBIx::Class::InflateColumn.

0.07    2010-06-17 17:02:00+0200
        Added missing test dep for MooseX::NonMoose.

0.06    2010-06-16 14:40:00+0200
        Renamed from MooseX-DBIC-AddColumn to DBIx-Class-MooseColumns.

0.05    2010-06-16 14:40:00+0200
        Deprecation in favour of DBIx-Class-MooseColumns.

0.04    2010-06-07 13:09:00+0200
        Fixed a silly Makefile.PL bug (M:I::Share was missing).

0.03    2010-06-01 16:51:00+0200
        Fixed synopsis.

0.02    2010-06-01 13:21:00+0200
        Removed non-ASCII chars from POD.

0.01    2010-05-14 00:10:00+0100
        First version. We will see where it goes.