Revision history for Time-Duration-Parse-More
0.008     2016-09-19T13:59:11Z
        * Allow the use of midnight on complex expressions

0.007     2013-02-04T01:40:17Z
        * Deal with even more strange clocks found by cpantesters

0.006     2013-02-01T12:18:13Z
        * Tweak midnight tests to cope with strange clocks on some
          cpantesters setups

0.005     2013-01-28T17:02:17Z
        * Add support for XhYmZs expression types

0.004     2013-01-26T12:15:30Z
        * Added the 'midnight' expression

0.003     2013-01-06T19:06:32Z
        * Packaging changes to make Travis-CI happy

0.002     2013-01-05T21:16:36Z
        * Doh! forgot the module abstract

0.001     2013-01-05T21:08:07Z
        * Initial release