Revision history for Config-YAML

1.42    2005-09-26

        * rt.cpan ticket #14625: Config::YAML appears not to be $_ safe
          Fixes for this bug report

1.41    2005-03-16

        * Bug from 1.40 also occurred in fold(). Fixed.

1.40    2005-03-15

        * Fixed bug in hash slice operation in new() and read()
          methods. RT#11886. Thanks to JFITZ for finding it and
          mugwump for pointing out the syntax error.

1.37    2005-01-16 2245EDT

        * get() and set() methods deprecated in favor of autoloading
          accessor functions /a la/ The Damian.
        * Doc tweaks

1.28    2004-11-14 2053EDT

        * POD typos fixed, minor doc tweaks

1.27    2004-11-13 1235EDT

        * now listed as a dependancy (dur).
        * More/better tests for get() and set() methods.
        * Documentation improvements.

1.22    2004-10-03 1945EST

        * In new(), the 'config' and 'output' parameters must now be
          the first and (still optionally) second parameters
          passed. This is so that they can be repeated, allowing the
          user to set their own non-special 'config' and 'output'
          parameters in the actual configuration hash.
        * Doc tweaks to reflect this as well as more general tweaks.

1.21    2004-10-02 1448EST

        * Doc cleanups

1.00    2004-10-01 1550EST

        * First version, released on an unsuspecting world.