* Fix test suite to try and accomodate older memcached versions.


 * Fixed up a lot of documentation
 * Profiling and tracing
 * Micro-optimizd some bits of code.
 * Fix {add,append,decr,incr,replace,set}_multi to follow
   Cache::Memcached::Fast (where they originated)
 * Update documentation.
 * Internal architecture dramatically refactored.  Much cleaner
   delineation of responsibilities among the classes and objects,
   making it (IMHO) much easier to trace and understand.
 * Fixed get_multi---we were expecting an arrayref of keys, rather
   than an array, which is incompatible with other clients.
 * Add profile script, as a beginning of an effort to profile the


 * Weaken some references to $self that appear in some anonymous
   subroutines.  This lowers memory usage by ~ 5MB in one instance we
 * Make Memcache::Client::Connection objects responsible for their own
   disconnection cleanup.


 * Some general cleanups: documentation clarification, removing dead
   or obsolete code, etc.
 * Refactor compression to be separate from serialization
 * Add JSON serialization (initial patch Kaare Rasmussen <kaare at
   cpan dot com>)


 * Add non-destructive retries (that is, preserve the queue of
   requests) in the face of certain sorts of errors.


 * Make some diagnostics more helpful
 * Don't (knowingly) allow invalid requests
 * Fix a couple of the binary protocol's methods that could have returned values from errors
 * Rework testing to be much more robust
 * General cleanup


 * Silence our perlcritic warning.
 * Add ->connect to try and establish all possible connections at


 * Finally (hopefully) get tests behaving properly in the face of no
   memcached executable


 * Fix nowait status on replace and set.
 * Name some of our generated routines.


 * Only warn about no route to return results for thing where the
   results are the point: get, incr/decr, stats, version.
 * Remove //= use which was making us incompatible with perl < 5.10.
 * Always warn on socket errors.
 * Minor cleanups.
 * Now in production at high-volume site.


 * Don't wait on CVs that we were given, rather than generated.
 * Give a stacktrace when we have a potential no-CV-waiting problem.


 * Be more consistent in how we invoke memcached in tests.
 * Only do the server failure tests if FAIL_TEST is set.
 * Allow setting of a preprocessor routine for normalization of keys.
 * Fix various issues with _multi routines, add tests!


 * Skip functional tests if memcached is not available.


 * Remove unintended dependency on Test::Most.


 * Initial public release.