Revision history for Perl extension Date::PeriodParser.
0.17  Sat Jan 26 01:27:56 PST 2013
    - Formerly, you could only do date offsets in days. You can now do
      them in days, months, weeks, and years, and they no longer mess up
      when going over a month or year boundary (thanks to Mark Adler from
      Nokia for sending me a patch, which I proceeded to distort out of
      recognizability to add the week/month/year offsets).
    - Updated the docs so we all know what works now.
    - Somehow managed to badly hash up the Changelog; now fixed.
    - I spelled Mark's name wrong (d'oh!).
    - There was a bug in _zyprexa() for dates rolling forward over a
      month boundary. Fixed.

0.16  Fri Jan 25 22:15:27 PST 2013
    - Realized that _zyprexa (the sub that makes dates sane) now makes
      week, month and year ranges (like day ranges) easy to add, so now 
      ranges like 'six weeks ago' and 'in two weeks' work as well.

0.15  Fri Jan 25 21:47:11 PST 2013
    - Fixed year-end and month-end rollovers from 'xxx days ago'
      (thank you to Mark Adler at Nokia for the original patch, which
      I twisted into a horrible parody of itself in the name of
      generalizing it)

0.14  Tue Jul 12 21:45:37 PDT 2011
    - Still problems with some time zone or another in CEST timezone.
      Added a little more debugging for this situation in timezone test.
    - Spelling fix in Changes.

0.13  Mon Jul 11 12:45:25 PDT 2011
    - Neglected to update changelog; no actual code changes in this release

0.12  Mon Jul 11 12:44:19 PDT 2011
    - fixed timezone test to skip on Windows (tzset doesn't work there)
    - dropped use vars in two tests that were throwing errors on 5.6

0.11  Fri Jul  8 22:48:22 PDT 2011
	- Dropped the Devel::Hide requirement and test; we don't really need it.

0.10  ...
	- Mis-incremented the vesion number, oops.

0.09  Thu Jul  7 21:48:39 MDT 2011
        - 09vague.t bug finally found: caused by different starts of daylight
          savings. Luckily (or unluckily) the date chosen crosses the DST
          boundary in CEST (Central Europe Summer Time) but not in any 
          US time zone (code has previously been run in EDT/PDT and EST/PST).
          A huge thank-you to the CPAN Testers who exposed this bug.
          If the computed range around the time crosses the daylight savings
          time boundary *in the current timezone*, we have to adjust the 
          resulting time either forward or back an hour to get a consistent
          result in every timezone.
        - Added a test to run the problematic vague test in a lot of different 
          timezones, both north and south of the equator, including some
          of the odd ones, like Phoenix AZ, and Indiana.
        - Added POSIX to the prereqs, since we need it for the timezone tests.

0.08  Thu Jul  7 00:58:24 PDT 2011
        - Still some reports of vague.t failing by an hour; suspect remaining
          DST-related errors. Added diags to show the timezone and whether the
          machine running the tests thinks the time is daylight savings or not.

0.07  Mon Feb 25 14:29:33 PDT 2007
	- Integrated most excellent patch from Doug Fischer, fixing a problem in
	  vague and  recent times related to different interpretations of 
          epoch-seconds in different timezones (which is why I could never 
          duplicate the error ...)
0.06  Thu Sep 20 15:17:10 PDT 2007
	- Weird '._*' files in distribution removed.
	- Tabs removed. :/
	- Made dependency on Lingua::EN::Words2Nums unconditional.

0.05  Sat Mar  3 15:33:33 PST 2002 (3/3 3:33 - you can't make this stuff up!)
	- Several patches from Michael Hendrix incorporated (thanks Michael!)
		- "this week"/"this month"/"this year" support
		- "last week"/"last month"/"last year" support
		- "month year" (e.g., "May 2005", "Dec 1990") support
		- Conditional loading of Lingua::EN::Words2Nums
	- "next week"/"next month"/"next year" support
	- Added explicit dependencies and documented them
	- Converted directory layout to standard layout (lib/Date/
	  instead of at the toplevel)
	- Corrected the changelog to actually reflect the changes that happened.

0.04  Wed Aug 31              2005
	- Added pod.t and pod-coverage.t
	- Privatized methods not needed by external modules
	- Added comments
	- Slight expansion of documentation

0.03  Mon Feb  7              2005	
    - Replace tests with more extensive Test::More-based tests.
	- Changed date math to use Date::Calc.
	- Added global Test::More-compatible debugging.
	- Support for vague "now"
    - fix 'night' to be a non-overlapping period with 'morning'
      (is now 21:00:00 to 05:59:59 the next day).
    - better support for odd but acceptable wording ("the day
      before tomorrow", etc.).
    - support for "in the" (particularly, support for "in the
      morning/afternoon" meaning "tomorrow morning/afternoon" 
      if it's not currently morning).
	- Added non-stub docs, including a description of what's supported.
0.02  Sat Jun  1 10:14:50 BST 2002
    - Fix dependencies.
	- Fix test harness.
	- Add Lingua::EN::Words2Nums dependency.

0.01  Fri Apr 12 21:44:22 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AX -n Date::PeriodParser