perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

NOTE:  This module relies on XML::SAX for parsing the XML output of
       nmap; it will use any XML::SAX conformant parser installed on
       a system as it uses XML::SAX::ParserFactory.  Please see the 
       documentation for XML::SAX for the rules on what parser the parser 
       factory will choose to use.  XML::SAX always comes with at least
       one implementation of an XML::SAX compliant parser, XML::SAX::PurePerl.
       For better speed, install a C-glue code SAX:XML module like 


If you want to view the docs post installation, do

perldoc Nmap::Scanner


perldoc Nmap::Scanner::Scanner

to start.

If you want to look pre-install, cd to lib first.


Nmap::Scanner perlifies the output of the network mapping tool nmap 
(, creating lists of model objects in batch scan
mode or firing events when significant scanning events occur in event scan mode.

If you do not have nmap installed on your system, you will need to install it 
before you can use this module (or only use scan_from_file(), which reads 
nmap-generated XML files).  Please make sure to use a version of nmap that is
newer than 3.50 if possible, as the XML DTD for nmap changed several times
prior to 3.50.  Using a version prior to 3.50 may work but no guarantees.


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If you are interested in contributing, join the mailing list or post to the
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Please feel free to email me with nmap-scanner related questions, comments, and
criticisms (mailing list postings preferred).  All feedback is welcomed.

I hope you find this project useful,