3.01 - 5/13/2010
Added A::V::Test which lets you driving an application outside of Apache so
that you can unit test your apps.

Simplified the Native debugging back end.

Various bug fixes.

3.00 - 2/1/2010
Added true MVC support.

Abstracted debugging into multiple backends.  The classic mechanism (aka Native) has
been expanded to handle AJAX requests. added support for FirePHP and Log4Perl.

Added support for serving applications via SOAP and providing WSDLs for those services 
using Pod::WSDL.

Parameter validation which used to built into Apache::Voodoo::Table has been abstracted out
into its own stand alone module.

Better exception support via Exception::Class

Documentation pulled out and moved to http://apachevoodoo.com

Revision control moved to github http://github.com/maverick/ApacheVoodoo

2.04 - 8/20/2008
Abstracted Session handling.  Sessions can either reside on the file system on in mysql.

access_denied now accepts two additional params.  The first is appended to the url as the
value of error.  This can be used to provide a hint to the receiving module to describe why
access was denied.  The second param can be used to have the access_denied call redirect somewhere else.
(based on modifications made by Mike)

pretty_tiem had the wrong array members being used

Per user theme selection works again.

Logout target can be user configured now.

Prettier handling of the maximum upload size.

2.03 - 2/04/2008
Installer now handles standard Perl modules too.

Added variations of the next, previous and more pages in order to make building ajaxed pagination easier.

Added arbitrary join syntax to the table abstraction layer.

Abstracted Template handling out of the Hander.pm

2.02 - 12/3/2007
Traced down glitch in Net::DNS (used by Email::Valid), added workaround.  Submitted patch.

Removed dependency on IPC::Shareable

Fixed a rounding error in the window size code.  This bug was only triggered when the window size 
was set to an odd number; and event which rarely happens.  This has allowed this bug to go 
unnoticed for 9 years.

2.01 - 1/19/2007
Fixed glitch in upload handling under Apache 2, updated docs.

2.00 - 1/18/2007
Added support for Apache 2

1.22 - 12/18/2006
Bug fixes.

1.21 - 11/27/2006
Bug fixes, improved handling of the apache configuration paths.

1.20 - 02/07/2006
Added automated install / upgrade process of Voodoo based sites (see voodoo-control for details).
Unfortunately to make this work cleanly, I had to introduce a backwards-incompatibility.  The
layout of a site is no longer completely arbitrary as it was before, certain things are expected
to reside in certain locations.  Completely arbitrary layouts yielded no real benefit, made the docs
more complex thus raising the initial learning curve, and introduced needless complexities
and hoop jumping.

Loads of bug fixes:
	AV::Table is no longer destructive to the incoming configuration structure.

	Made history capture only operate on GET requests.  Capturing POSTs can lead to bad things
	happening if you happen to redirect back to a posted history event...same thing applies
	for PUTs.  The side effect is that you now need to be more careful with your form method settings,
	which we all should be doing anyway :)

1.13 - 9/15/2005

Works with DSO builds of mod_perl.  The PerlRestartHandler isn't called the same way with ia DSO vs build in version of mod_perl

abstracted pagination control object (Apache::Voodoo::Pager)

various bug fixes

1.1.2 - 2/13/2005

Again with the documentation indexing thing.

1.1.1 - 2/11/2005

search.cpan.org didn't wanna play nice with my documentation...hopefully this fixes it.

1.1.0 - 2/11/2005

First public release.


Historic, non-public releases.  I have them if anyone is interested, but they are not
backwards compatable with the current release