TODO list for Perl module Perl::Metrics::Simple

- Refactor tests so that there is one .t file for each .pm file.

- Refactor the test suite to not use such cmplex data structures.
  The test suite sucks. It is way too tightly coupled to
  hard-coded complex data structures such as found in:

- Add percentile-ranking for subroutine size and complexity,
  and/or list top-10 largest, and top-10 most complex subs.

- Add method to allow setting the regexes used to find Perl files.


	- Add capability to countperl to take input from STDIN
	- Add machine-readable (XML?) output option to countperl.
	- Check for Devel::Cover and/or Pod::Cover and if available, add stats.
	  (Suggested by Jerrad Pierce)