Revision history for Perl module Perl::Metrics::Simple

v1.0.3 - August 2023

  - Change an import in `countperl` to use a version number literal.
  - Fix various issues found by Test::Perl::Critic

v1.0.2 - July 2023

  - Change `_rewrite_moose_method_modifiers` in
    `Perl/Metrics/Simple/Analysis/` to check if a node supports the
    `literal` method and use `string` instead if it does not.
    Changes based on contribution by

  - Fix typos in (thank you Florian Schlichting, fschlich)

v1.0.1 - March 2021
  - Add declaring required versions of modules wherever they are used
    in addition to Build.PL and Makefile.PL
  - Remove redundant compile testing of countperl.

v1.0.0 - March 2021
  Declare dependency on Test::Compile v1.1.0 instead of 0, as v1.1.0
  is first version that documents the OO way of using Test::Compile.

0.19 - March 2021
  Merged JSON output option contributed by Saturo Abe (
  Moved generation of the plain text, HTML, and JSON into new modules:

0.18 - January 2015
  Merged changes by mephinet to support better reporting for projects
  using Moose, so that a method declared as 'foo' => sub {...} will
  be reported as a sub named _around_foo instead of being counted
  as part of the "Code not in any subroutine"
  Pull request was:

0.17 - November 2012
  Merten Falk - Added default values for subroutine metrics if
  there is no subroutine.
  Clarified terms of license, updated FSF address:

  countperl now utilizes Pod::Usage for diagnostic and new --help option

0.16 - October 2012
  The countperl script now offers HTML output as well as plain text,
  thanks to Merten Falk.

  Perl::Metrics::Simple is on github at:

  Changes for
  Thanks to Maggie J. Xiong for the inquiry, inspiration and patch.

  You can now set:
    @Perl::Metrics::Simple::Analysis::File::LOGIC_KEYWORDS and OPERATORS
  to custom values before creating a new 
    Perl::Metrics::Simple::Analysis::File object.

  Added to the default @LOGIC_KEYWORDS used in calculating complexity:

  Added to the default @LOGIC_OPERATORS used in calculating complexity:

  Added two accessors on Perl::Metrics::Simple::Analysis::File to obtain
  the values in use: 

  Allow using a ref-to-SCALAR of file contents instead of a file path.
  Thanks to Alexandr Ciornii for requesting this and supplying patches.
  Also changes all VERSION numbers to match: 0.14

0.13 Mon May  4 08:25:51 PDT 2009
  Fixed bug in report output in countperl.
  Added Copyright notice in form suitable for Debian GNU/Linux. (per Ryan Niebur)

0.12 Sun Aug 10 09:25:38 PDT 2008
  Added credits to 0.11 notes.
  Minor changes to README and documentation in Perl/Metrics/
  Added section on using Makefile.PL to INSTALL notes.

0.11 Sat Jul 19 10:31:21 PDT 2008
        countperl dying on empty files
  Thanks to Mathieu Gagnon, GAGNONM <> for reporting this.

  Changes to satisfy Perl::Critic
  Fixed bug in Perl/Metrics/Simple/Analysis/ where lines after __END__
  were being counted.
  Thanks to Elliot Shank, ELLIOTJS for reporting this.

  Made line counts platform-independent (using $INPUT_RECORD_SEPARATOR)

0.1 Sun Dec 30 13:30:34 PST 2007
  No feature changes.
  Improved test coverage, documentation.
  Listed core modules as requirements in Build.PL and Makefile.PL

0.034 Thu Nov 22 10:15:05 PST 2007
  Listed core modules used as dependencies.
  Added Readonly::XS as a reccomended module in Build.PL
  Small documentation fix for subs() in Perl::Metrics::Simple::Analysis
  Set VERSION of all .pm files to 0.034

0.033 Wed May 23 08:35:18 PDT 2007
 Added EXAMPLES file
 Added INSTALL file
 Added Makefile.PL

0.032 Thu May 10 08:07:56 PDT 2007
 Added    should_be_skipped()  method which causes  find_files()
 to skip  .svn   CVS  _darcs directories.

 Better documentation about measuring complexity.

0.031 - Thu Dec 14 09:05:15 PST 2006
 Fixed bug in the  countperl  script. Was reporting the median instead
 of mean for the summary complexity numbers.
 Thanks to Ovid for spotting this.

0.03 - Sat Dec  2 09:01:41 PST 2006
 The "main" stats for each file now have the same format as the stats for
 a subroutine: Added 'name' and 'path' keys to the hash.
 The 'name' is always:     {code not in named subroutines}

 Changed the 'countperl' script to use the new data structure to add
 the {code not in named subroutines} to the list of subroutines it reports.

0.022 - Sun Nov 26 22:08:47 PST 2006
 Line counts now exclude blank lines, comments and pod.
 Complexity counts now will be 0 (zero) for code that is only comments/pod.

0.021 - Sat Nov 25 22:46:23 PST 2006
 Mostly changes to improve Kwalitee. See
 Added pod.
 Added tests for Pod and Pod coverage.

  Refactored much code into new Perl::Metrics::Simple::Analysis::File
  Added summary_stats() method to Perl::Metrics::Simple::Analysis
     provides min/max/mean/median/standard_deviation info.
  Added  '!' and  'not' to list of logic operators that add t complexity scores.
  Installs new script 'countperl' which creates report in text format.
  Made various changes to satisfy perlcritic.
  Made a change to list_perl_files() to work with old versions of File::Find.

  Added 'last', 'next', and 'goto' to list of things that count for complexity.
  Moved example script from pod in into installed script: bin/countperl

0.013 Fri Oct  6 17:40:57 PDT 2006
Fixed MANIFEST (Build.PL was missing!)
Added some pod, including
 copying the example script into the pod.

Sun Sep 24 11:53:10 PDT 2006
    - 'for' and 'foreach' count towards complexity score.
    - measureing length and complexity of 'main' - which is the document - subs.

0.011 Wed Sep  6 07:17:32 PDT 2006
    - Added mccabe complexity
0.01 Fri Sep  1 21:19:56 2006
    - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.47