2.21 - August 14th, 2014

  - Declare CGI.pm as a testing dependency (RT #98012, thanks to Martin McGrath)

2.20 - August 10th, 2013

    - Updated to support HTML5 (RT #75933, thanks to charsbar)

2.11 - June 3rd, 2013

Updated tests so that they pass with Perl 5.18 (Mark Stosberg)

2.1 - August 29th, 2011

Fixed disable_fields option (#52667 Dirk Braun, Goro Fuji)

Add an option to clear absent checkboxes (#44101 Alex Kapranoff)

Fix incorrectly multiple escaped data in list context (#34081 Miika Pekkarinen)

Allow FIF to process the new <input> field  types (URL, email, and number) as defined in the HTML5 draft and already implemented by the iPhone.
(Michael Fisher)

Allow alternate parsing class (Mark Stosberg)

mark invalid fields (Sam Tregar)

2.0 - September 11th, 2007

Allow passing an arrayref of hashrefs through fdat (Mark Stosberg, Michael Graham)

Several new shortcuts: (Mark Stosberg)
    Allow calling fill() as a class method as a shortcut.
    Allow   \$html  as shortcut for   scalarref => \$html
    Allow   \@html  as shortcut for   arrayref  => \@html
    Allow   \*html  as shortcut for   file      => \*html
    Allow   'html'  as shortcut for   file      => 'html'
    Allow   $q      as shortcut for   fobject   => $q
    Allow  \%fdat   as shortcut for   fdat      => \%fdat

    In summary, instead of this:

    my $fif = HTML::FillInForm->new;
    $fif->fill( scalarref => \$html, fdat => \%data );

    You can simply write:

    HTML::FillInForm->fill( \$html, \%data );

Fixed disable_fields bug (Boris Zentner)

Add support for ID attribute on form tags (name attribute is
deprecated in xhtml) [rt.cpan.org #27376] (Anthony Ettinger)

1.07 - August 2nd, 2007

Added 'disable_fields' method [rt.cpan.org #6342] (Trevor Schellhorn)

Support IE down-level revealed HTML comments [rt.cpan.org #19468] (Michael Peters)

hash is not reset before each() is called [rt.cpan.org #24980] (Simon P. Ditner)

Fix a bug the last plaintext part might be chopped if called via
scalarref [rt.cpan.org #21750] (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

Fix bug when passing 0 in array ref to textfields, also see
[rt.cpan.org #22195] (Paul Miller)

No longer generate warning if empty array as the value for a select attribute is passed (Dave Rolsky)

1.06 - October 13th, 2005

Distinguish between selects with and without the multiple attribute set (Alexander Hartmaier)

Added warnings to PREREQ_PM

1.05 - December 19th, 2004

Added new tests in 19_extra.t (Vsevolod (Simon) Ilyushchenko)
as part of Phalanx

Make it clearer that doesn't have a CGI.pm dependency.

1.04 - March 8th, 2004

Now queries passed objects for form fields as it encounters them instead of
asking for all fields up front.  This allows the type of object passed
to not have to return all the fields in a empty ->param() call.
(Dave Rolsky)

Generate XHTML-compliant tags (Dave Rolsky)

Documented behavior when passing undef values.

Fixed bug when HTML form has two or more radio buttons and second or
higher radio button is selected.  (Dan Kubb)

Made ignore_fields work with fdat, included new test script
18_ignore_fdat.t (James Tolley)

1.03 - October 15th 2003

Fixed warning messages when textarea doesn't have a name attribute
(Rob Brown)

1.02 - June 10th 2003

Updated required version number for HTML::Parser to 3.26 in Makefile.PL
(Ken Williams)

1.01 - December 31st 2002

Fixed issue with HTML::Parser decoding high-bit entities, by setting
attr_encoded option, now requires HTML::Parser >= 3.26.  (Jonathan Swartz)

1.00 - August 28th 2002

Workaround for Opera 6.01/02 bug with selected radio boxes -
place space before ending "/>" in <input .. /> (Bill Moseley)

0.29 - May 5th 2002

Added ignore_fields option (Boris Zentner)

0.28 - April 27th 2002

Added missing ! in declaration handler (Boris Zentner)

Fill all values with the same name if one value is passed
(Boris Zentner, Gabriel Burka)

0.27 - April 20th 2002

Fixes to pass through comments, processing instructions, and
declarations (Boris Zentner)

0.26 - April 16th 2002

Added fill_password option (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

0.25 - April 3rd 2002

Fixed bug with passing single value to multi-valued fields
(Maurice Aubrey)

0.24 - March 3rd 2002

Added no_debug to use CGI in t/13_warning.t

0.23 - January 4th 2002

Cleaned up warning messages for input fields without a name (Boris Zentner)

0.22 - November 10th 2001

Fixed bug with multiple inputs (Mark Stosberg)

0.21 - October 16th 2001

Updated credits section

0.20 - October 16th 2001

Fixed bug where selected value of '0' were skipped (Trevor Schellhorn)

0.19 - August 25th 2001

Fixed bug where option values between tags had trailing or leading
whitespace (Ade Olonoh)

Fixed bug for <input ... /> type tags (Andrew Creer)

Fix for error message (object -> fobject) (Mark Stosberg)

0.18 - July 7th 2001

Fix for test on HTML escaping (thanks to Jost Krieger for report)

0.17 - June 29th 2001

Added "fill in target form" feature (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

0.16 - June 28th 2001

Fixed problems with HTML escaping (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

0.15 - June 18th 2001

Works with checkbox tags that don't have value attribute.  (Philip Mak)

0.14 - May 17th 2001

Removed warning message for submit tags.  (Joseph Yanni)

0.13 - May 13th 2001

Fixed bug when TYPE attr of input tag not set (Martin H. Sluka)

Added docs on password caching (Mark Stosberg)

0.12 - May 11th 2001

Support for multiple fobjects.

Fixed bug where new documents were feed into a used $fif object.

0.11 - March 16th 2001

Fixed problem when fdat maps the name of a textarea to an
empty string ('').  Thanks to Jim Miner for the patch!

0.10 - January 19th 2001

Fixed problem with empty option tags (e.g. <select name="x"><option></select>)
Thanks to Ade Olonoh for the patch!

0.09 - January 15th 2001

Text in textarea is now escaped.

0.08 - January 15th 2001

Option tags without "value" attribute get filled in correctly.

Will not croak anymore if fobject's param method returns undef.

0.07 - January 5th 2001

Added support for multiple checkboxes and select fields, thanks
to Patrick Michael Kane for the patch and test script for checkboxes!

0.06 - October 9th 2000

Fixed bug with "0" value in (hidden) fields

Added docs from using HTML::FillInForm from Apache::ASP and Apache::PageKit

0.05 - August 28th 2000

Added better support for checkboxes.

0.04 - August 10th 2000

Fixed bug with hidden fields

0.03 - August 10th 2000

FillInForm now forces hidden fields to have a value.  So <input type="hidden" name="foo">
is transformed to <input type="hidden" name="foo" value=""> if no value is set for 'foo'.

Fixed bug with case-sensitivity and missing checkbox.  Thanks to
Tom Lancaster for this bug report and fix!

Added some test scripts.

0.02 - June 27th 2000

Fixed bug with option tags.  Now displays all 'option' tag attributes, in addition to selected and value.
Better support for boolean attributes.

0.01 - June 18th 2000

Initial Release of Module.