Revision history for Perl module File::Monitor::Simple

1.00 Tue Mar  9 21:59:56 EST 2010
    - No code changes, declaring stable. 

0.99_1 Mon Jul 23 23:35:30 2007
    - first version under this name. Much code is from

    - Switched to using File::Find::Rule, which is more readable

    - Added tests

    - Updated code to re-scan after a file is added or deleted. 
      This wasn't necessary in the Catalyst code because the whole
      object was killed and recreated by the web-server restart,
      serving the same purpose.
    - Removed "delay" option. The same goal is more clearly met 
      by updating calling code to use "while (sleep 1)" instead of "while (1)"
      As a result, we no longer require "Time::HiRes" here.

    - moved special handling of "*.pm" files to HTTP::Server::Restarter