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=head1 NAME

Mail::Field::Date - a date header field


   is a Mail::Field


  use HTTP::Date 'time2iso';
  my $field = Mail::Field->new(Date => time2iso());


Represents one "Date" header field.

Extends L<"DESCRIPTION" in Mail::Field|Mail::Field/"DESCRIPTION">.
=head1 METHODS

Extends L<"METHODS" in Mail::Field|Mail::Field/"METHODS">.
=head2 Constructors

Extends L<"Constructors" in Mail::Field|Mail::Field/"Constructors">.
=over 4

=item Mail::Field::Date-E<gt>B<combine>($fields)

Inherited, see L<Mail::Field/"Constructors">

=item Mail::Field::Date-E<gt>B<extract>( $tag, $head [, $index ] )

Inherited, see L<Mail::Field/"Constructors">

=item Mail::Field::Date-E<gt>B<new>( $tag [, STRING | %options] )

Inherited, see L<Mail::Field/"Constructors">


=head2 "Fake" constructors

Extends L<""Fake" constructors" in Mail::Field|Mail::Field/""Fake" constructors">.
=over 4

=item $obj-E<gt>B<create>(%options)

Inherited, see L<Mail::Field/""Fake" constructors">

=item $obj-E<gt>B<parse>()

Inherited, see L<Mail::Field/""Fake" constructors">


=head2 Accessors

Extends L<"Accessors" in Mail::Field|Mail::Field/"Accessors">.
=over 4

=item $obj-E<gt>B<set>(%options)

 -Option --Default
  Time     undef
  TimeStr  undef

=over 2

=item Time => SECONDS

=item TimeStr => STRING

A string acceptable to Date::Parse.


=item $obj-E<gt>B<stringify>()

Inherited, see L<Mail::Field/"Accessors">

=item $obj-E<gt>B<tag>()

=item Mail::Field::Date-E<gt>B<tag>()

Inherited, see L<Mail::Field/"Accessors">


=head2 Smart accessors

Extends L<"Smart accessors" in Mail::Field|Mail::Field/"Smart accessors">.
=over 4

=item $obj-E<gt>B<text>( [STRING] )

Inherited, see L<Mail::Field/"Smart accessors">

=item $obj-E<gt>B<time>( [$time] )

Query (or change) the $time (as stored in the field) in seconds.


=head1 DETAILS

Extends L<"DETAILS" in Mail::Field|Mail::Field/"DETAILS">.

=over 4

=item Error: Undefined subroutine <method> called

Mail::Field objects use autoloading to compile new functionality.
Apparently, the method called is not implemented for the specific
class of the field object.


=head1 SEE ALSO

This module is part of the MailTools distribution,

=head1 AUTHORS

The MailTools bundle was developed by Graham Barr.  Later, Mark
Overmeer took over maintenance without commitment to further development.

Mail::Cap by Gisle Aas E<lt>aas@oslonett.noE<gt>.
Mail::Field::AddrList by Peter Orbaek E<lt>poe@cit.dkE<gt>.
Mail::Mailer and Mail::Send by Tim Bunce E<lt>Tim.Bunce@ig.co.ukE<gt>.
For other contributors see ChangeLog.

=head1 LICENSE

Copyrights 1995-2000 Graham Barr E<lt>gbarr@pobox.comE<gt> and
2001-2017 Mark Overmeer E<lt>perl@overmeer.netE<gt>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.
See F<http://www.perl.com/perl/misc/Artistic.html>