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=head1 NAME

Mail::Server::IMAP4 - IMAP4 server implementation (not completed)


   is a Mail::Server
   is a Mail::Reporter


 !!!Partially implemented!!!!
 my $server = Mail::Server::IMAP4->new($msg);


This module is a place-holder, which can be used to grow code which
is needed to implement a full IMAP4 server.

Although the server is not implemented, parts of this server are
already available.

=over 4

=item * L<Mail::Server::IMAP4::Fetch|Mail::Server::IMAP4::Fetch>

used to capture "FETCH" related information from a message, and produce
server-side FETCH answers.

=item * L<Mail::Server::IMAP4::List|Mail::Server::IMAP4::List>

produce LIST responses about existing folders.  This works
in combination with a L<Mail::Box::Manage::User|Mail::Box::Manage::User> object.

=item * L<Mail::Server::IMAP4::Search|Mail::Server::IMAP4::Search>

the SEARCH request.  Not implemented yet... looking for a volunteer.


Extends L<"DESCRIPTION" in Mail::Server|Mail::Server/"DESCRIPTION">.
=head1 METHODS

Extends L<"METHODS" in Mail::Server|Mail::Server/"METHODS">.
=head1 DETAILS


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=item RFC2060: "Internet Message Access Protocol IMAP4v1"


Extends L<"DETAILS" in Mail::Server|Mail::Server/"DETAILS">.

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=item Error: Package $package does not implement $method.

Fatal error: the specific package (or one of its superclasses) does not
implement this method where it should. This message means that some other
related classes do implement this method however the class at hand does
not.  Probably you should investigate this and probably inform the author
of the package.


=head1 SEE ALSO

This module is part of Mail-Box-IMAP4 distribution version 3.007,
built on June 13, 2019. Website: F<http://perl.overmeer.net/CPAN/>

=head1 LICENSE

Copyrights 2001-2019 by [Mark Overmeer]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.
See F<http://dev.perl.org/licenses/>