takemail - walk through mailboxes and grep for something


takemail [--outbox][--outdir][--header][--nheader] [--verbose][--werr][--help] mailbox/mailbox-dir


Dump mails applying to regular expressions either to stdout or into a newly created mailbox.


--outbox FILE

(or -c) Create a new mailbox FILE and write the found messages into it. If omitted, output goes to stdout.

--outdir DIR

Nothing yet.


Only find messages whose HEADER-FIELD(s) conform to REGEX. REGEX is a standard Perl regular expression, without the leading and trailing slash '/'. Multiple key=value pairs can be given by separating them with whitespace. Example:

 takemail --header subject=[Hh]ello from=peter\|john ~/Mail

Care must be taken when specifying patterns with special shell characters, especially those used for piping. This means that '|' etc. will probably need to be escaped with a backslash '\'.


Only find messages whose HEADER-FIELD(s) do not conform to REGEX. Same usage as --header.


(or -v) In addition to normal output, print a log of what is being done to stderr.


Nothing yet.


(or -?) Print a short summary of options.


Tassilo v. Parseval (

All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


This code is beta, version 2.019