This program was originally written in December 2000.  Then a total
redesign was made, which was released in December 2001.

The file TODO.v2 lists holes in the current implementation. In this file,
more long-term plans are listed.

Plans for the (near?) future:
* Thread lint
  Currently, threads are only detected based on some fields in the
  message header which are dedicated for this (the In-Reply-To and
  the References field), however, there are many more ways to
  try to correct things if these are not present.

  If a message does not contain the two mentioned fields, then look
  for a message which is at most a few days younger, whose sender is
  in the recipient-list of the current message, and where parts of
  the message are quoted (preceded by some symbols).

* Persistent external files
  Extracting large message-parts into persistent external files.
  Mime::Entity puts attachments in external files during parsing.  When
  the message is put in a folder again, the content is glued back into
  the folder.  It should be nice to keep them external, such that the
  folder-file is much smaller, and parsing done quickly.

* Many more folder-types
  I have a long wishlist of older-types.  However, my knowledge on how
  they work is limited.  Furthermore, I do not have test-data on them.

  - Emaul     (? for compatibly with Mail::Folder)
  - News      NNTP
  - Outlook   writting... (reading is already available in ::Dbx)
  - Exchange
  - Netscape
  - Zip       Compressed folders
  - Encrypt
  - DBI       Database

  Any more?
  One of the main reasons that these are not implemented, is that my
  knowledge on how they work is insufficient.

* Maildir quota

* Cooperation with OpenPGP

* MD5 checksums and more