*** Changes in release v1.01    2009/09/02 MarkOv

CPAN::Site is old: originally created by Ulrich Pfeifer in 1998,
it was created for a very simple version of the CPAN install suite.
The CPAN::Site v1.01 gets rit of a lot of legacy.

* problems

In the original concept, you could both do
   perl -MCPAN::Site shell   # access local CPAN
   perl -MCPAN       shell   # access global CPAN
However, this does not work well together with the "recent" metadata
cache. Besides, it is "hard" to communicate to all administrators
which install module to use. Besides, we now have CPANPLUS.

In the original concept, the local 02packages list got created in 
a $MYCPAN/site/ directory, where the global 02packages list stayed
on the usual location which is $MYCPAN/modules/.  The only purpose
of the client-side CPAN::Site module was to redirect the look-ups
to the /site/ directory.  However, in the current CPAN.pm implementation,
there are many spots which have hardcoded references to the modules
directory... and these spots are not easy to override.

The original implementation scanned through the tar archives in binary.
It was not able to handle all features of tar.

* solutions

The organization on your local server will be changed:
   = was =             = became =
   $MYCPAN/modules/    $MYCPAN/global/
   $MYCPAN/site/       $MYCPAN/modules/
With this renaming, we avoid the need to install CPAN::Site client-side.
The only thing now needed client-side, is to configure urllist to your
local CPAN and to set the index_expire time very short.

. The deprecated mkpackages scripts has been removed.
. Environment variables reduce the option overhead.
. External gzip got replaced by Perl module IO::Zlib
. Probably, the server can now run on Windows as well (untested)
. Better support for pure local CPAN.
. Binary scan of the tar file was replace by Archive::Tar