Revision history for Perl-Critic-Itch

0.01    26 May 2009
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
0.04    27 May 2009
        Few changes on documentation.
0.05    28 May 2009
        Bugfix: The following dependencies were missing: 
                 Perl::Critic (1.052)
                 Perl::Critic::Utils (1.052)
                 Perl::Critic::Violation (1.052)
                 Perl::Critic::TestUtils( 1.052)
0.06    28 May 2009
        Bugfix: Removed unnecessary lines from ProhibitHashBarewords
        Enhancements: Test File added to check for Barewords on hash keys
        Enhancements: Now reserved keys are also not allowed
0.07    31 May 2009
        Bugfix: pbp removed from default themes. Error message is more clear now.
             (Thanks to Jeffrey Thalhammer for pointing this out)
	Enhancements: itch theme added