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Changes for version 1.46 - 2022-05-12

  • Added missing unit test (t/52matches.t)
  • Added missing unit test (t/cleanup.t)
  • Added unit test for MANIFEST (t/manifest.t)


Parse and evaluate XPath statements.
Boolean true/false values
SAX handler for building an XPath tree
Simple string values.
internal representation of a node
a single attribute
an XML comment: <!--comment-->
an XML namespace node
an XML processing instruction node
an XML text node
a list of XML document nodes
Simple numeric values.
A PerlSAX event generator for my weird node structure
The default XML parsing class that produces a node tree


in lib/XML/XPath/Expr.pm
in lib/XML/XPath/Function.pm
in lib/XML/XPath/LocationPath.pm
in lib/XML/XPath/Node/Attribute.pm
in lib/XML/XPath/Parser.pm
in lib/XML/XPath/Root.pm
in lib/XML/XPath/Step.pm
in lib/XML/XPath/Variable.pm