Revision history for Perl extension .

0.07  2007/03/25
	- Maintenance release for Pod coverage.

	- lost property.

	- bug fix.
	- HTML::Template::Ex::Filter was enclosed.

	- Addition of '_get_ident_id' internal function.

	- It was made to encode only when the character set was able to be picked up from the template.
	  It is related to constructor's option 'auto_encoder'.

	- It came to be able to sweeten the check on the syntax of EX-Code.
	  It is related to constructor's option 'no_strict_exec'.

	- Trifling bug fix.

	- When the template was read, the character-code can have been changed.
	  It is related to constructor's option 'encoder'.

	- Charset of the read template was obtained.
	  The 'charset' method of the relation is added.

	- EX-Code was evaluated at output.

	- The problem concerning dispatching priority was canceled.
	  It is processed in order of <TMPL_EX> appearing from the template regardless
	  of the presence of <TMPL_INCLUDE *NAME>. 

	- The module is not updated.
	  Because an attached file was too rude, it corrected it.

0.01  Wed Jul 20 16:33:07 2005
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-A HTML::Template::Ex