0.14	2 April 2021
	Increase test coverage

0.13	9 November 2019

0.12	31 March 2012
	Checked that it runs with 5.14.2.

	8 April 2008
	Some pod fixes and clarifications.

	Changed internal storage to improve efficiency: values are more likely
	to be stored by namespace, rather than by value.

0.11	5 March 2008
	Minimal Perl version now 5.005 (as we use Test::More, we cannot support
	before that).  Also removes "use warnings" when installing on perls
	before 5.6, and installs on later versions if they were removed.
	Fixed last "out of bounds" in the Makefile.

0.10	5 March 2008
	Fixed typo in the CORE::bless stealing code.  Spotted while showing
	code at the Amsterdam PM meeting.

0.09	4 March 2008
	Added specific tests for proper destruction functionality, after
	advisement of demerphq about potential problems of calling methods
	(and DESTROY) on blessed Perl data-structures of which the original
	ref was lost in earlier versions of Perl.

0.08	3 March 2008
	Fixed issue with "Carp::croak" on 5.10.0.

0.07	2 March 2008
	Made the OOB namespace as clean as possible by moving all subroutines
	but "import", "AUTOLOAD" and "DESTROY" to the OOB::function package.

	Added CAVEATS section to the pod, to point out possible problems with
	late loading of OOB and the use of the built-in ref() and blessed()
	function.  Pointed out by John Lodin.

	Added support for handling (re-)blessing objects.

0.06	29 February 2008
	Now requires Sub::Identify as a prerequisite.

0.05	29 February 2008
	Added many more tests.

	Can now also specify allowable attributes at compile time with
	parameters to "use".

	Now cloaks OOB from ref() and Scalar::Util::blessed(), so that
	checks on the refs don't suddenly change behaviour because an
	attribute has been added.

0.04	29 February 2008
	Removed use of prototypes altogether, so that we're not hindered by
	older, more limited, prototype capabilities of Perl before 5.8.0.

	Dave Rolsky pointed out I meant "out-of-band" rather than
	"out-of-bounds".  Documentation adapted accordingly.

0.03	29 February 2008
	Renamed to OOB, at the suggestion of abeltje.

0.02	28 February 2008
	Removed "our" from $VERSION to get a clean compile on 5.005005,
	reported by srezic@cpan.org.

0.01	27 February 2008
	First version of oob.