0.26	17 November 2019
	- Fix spelling errors in manpage - Nick Morrott <knowledgejunkie>

0.25	9 November 2019

0.24    24 May 2012
        Removed forced die from Makefile.PL if memcached is not available.
        All relevant tests will be skipped, allowing installs on machines
        where memcached itself is not installed.  Your Mileage May Vary.
        RT #52678

        Added clarification about using version as floating points, and that
        it is better to use it as a string. RT #29224

        Fixed problem with expiration just specified as number of seconds.
        Added tests for expiration specification, just to be sure.  RT #49913

0.23    24 May 2012
        Fixed thinko reported by James M.  Added tests to test for thinko.
        Also fixed specifying a blessed object as data / directory source,
        although this may well break with non-hashref based implemenations.
        But it didn't work before anyway, so it at least now matches the
        documentation.  RT #77389.

        Ensured it runs with 5.16.0, threaded and unthreaded.

0.22    22 April 2012
        Some more spelling fixes.  Added license information + adapted copyright
        message to reflect that I've taken it back in maintenance in my own
        time again. RT #75346

0.21    31 March 2012
        Added spelling fixes as suggested by Nicholas Bamber, as suggested
        by Gregor Herrmann. RT #69648
        Finally released to CPAN, thanks to the impetus given by the QA
        Hackathon 2012 in Paris.

        24 May 2008
        Shielded some code from using Cache::Memcached specific internal
        methods, which do not appear to exist in Cache::Memcached::Fast.
        This at least let the test-suite complete, albeit with errors if
        the Cache::Memcached::Fast class is being used.  This probably will
        need some more work and some direct interaction with the developers
        of Cache::Memcached::Fast.  Testing with a class other than
        Cache::Memcached can be accomplished by setting the environment
        variable CACHE_MEMCACHE to the intended class, e.g.

          $ CACHE_MEMCACHED=Cache::Memcached::Fast make test

0.20    19 May 2008
        Added preliminary "memcached_class" parameter to "new", to allow other
        implementations of Cache::Memcached (such as Cache::Memcached::Fast)
        to be used.

0.19    8 October 2007
        Argh, 0.18 broke on 5.005 because of new style open().  Now rephrased        
        to old-style open() using globs.

0.18    7 October 2007
        Changed Makefile.PL to quit before attempting to install to kill all
        cpan-tester messages where Cache::Memcached::Managed is being tested
        without "memcached" being available and executable.  No changes made
        to the code.

0.17    3 October 2007
        Methods "add", "decr", "incr", "replace" and "set" now accept a third
        unnamed parameter for expiration.  Suggested by John Goulah.

        Fixed test-suite: most problems occurred because "localhost"
        apparently doesn't resolve on most systems anymore, so it couldn't
        find a port to work on.  Now using

        Several other problems occurred because of additional statistics in
        newer versions of memcached.  Marked tests as TODO for now.

        Apparently the handling of dead servers has been improved, so the
        fetch on a dead servers wasn't failing, which was failing the test
        and subsequent statistics tests.  Also marked tests as TODO for now.

        Added "Incompatibility with Cache module" section to CAVEATS.

0.16    2 February 2007
        Updated the test-suite to support version 1.2.1 of memcached.  Brought
        code of test-suite up to PBP standards (code itself will follow in a
        later version).

        Load testing is no longer skipped on OS X, as the latest libevent
        / memcached combo seems to compile and install cleanly with all
        necessary workarounds installed automagically.  Instead a warning
        is displayed.

        Changed documentation of "flush_all" to point out that the
        "flush_interval.patch" is no longer necessary when using memcached

0.15    11 June 2006
        Cache::Memcached changed some of its internals with version 1.16.
        This version now supports both versions before and after.  Spotted
        by islue.

0.14    19 October 2005
        Update VERSION file (forgotten to do that in 0.13)
        Added fix for missing Kwalitee point for not using 'strict'

0.13    23 August 2005
        Added support for Cache::Memcached::Managed::Multi, to allow accessing
        multiple managed servers at the same time.

0.12    18 July 2005
        Added "inactive" parameter to "new".  Added
        Cache::Memcached::Managed::Inactive module for the "inactive"
        functionality.  This allows you to make your code in such a way that
        it doesn't make a difference whether or not there is an actual
        memcached server available.

0.11    8 July 2005
        Fixed problem in "group" and "get_multi" when using a non-standard
        delimiter.  Spotted by Torbjørn Køhle

0.10    6 July 2005
        Changed return value of "flush_all" to boolean rather than number
        of servers flushed.  Added support for "flush_interval".  Added
        file "flush_interval.patch" to distribution to add time flush_all
        support to memcached itself.

0.09    5 July 2005
        Further refined the fork checking / dead server logic: connection
        attempts are now made again after 20..30 seconds, instead of never
        in the current process.

        Fixed problem that would cause an empty list to be returned in case
        of failure in list context: this affected "set", "add", "replace",
        "incr" and "decr".  A false value is now returned regardless of

        4 July 2005
        Completely reworked the fork checking logic.  Child processes of
        parent processes that have been disconnected, now attempt to

0.08    4 July 2005
        Fixed many documentation problems.  Added default data server
        functionality to "new".  Added "W" to allow expirations to be
        specified by week.

0.07    3 July 2005
        Fixed problem with return value of "start".  Optimized "stats".
        Added stress test related to groups, which unfortunately seems to
        fail on Tiger (with its crippled libevent support).

0.06    1 July 2005
        Fixed problems with relative keys and version support.

0.05    30 June 2005
        Added initial tests for checking behaviour after fork().

0.04    29 June 2005
        Added methods "start", "stop" and "version".  Removed starting /
        stopping logic from testlib.  Adapted test-suite to account for these
        new methods.  Basic testing should now cover all methods (albeit not
        with all parameter combinations yet.

0.03    28 June 2005
        Tweaks and fixes and more tests.

0.02    27 June 2005
        Tweaks and fixes and a much more expanded test-suite.

0.01    26 June 2005
        First public version of Cache::Memcached::Managed.