Tk::Wizard::Tasks - Tk::Wizard pages to perform sequential tasks


Currently automatically loaded by Tk::Wizard, though this behaviour is deprecated and is expected to change in 2008.


Adds a number of methods to Tk::Wizard, to allow the end-user to access the filesystem.



Adds a page to the Wizard that will perform a series of tasks, keeping the user informed by ticking-off a list as each task is accomplished.

Whilst the task list is being executed, both the Back and Next buttons are disabled.

Parameters are as for "blank_frame", plus:


The tasks to perform, supplied as a reference to an array, where each entry is a pair (i.e. a two-member list), the first of which is a text string to display, the second a reference to code to execute.


The length of the delay, in milliseconds, after the page has been displayed and before execution the task list is begun. Default is 1000 milliseconds (1 second). See Tk::after.


Display the next Wizard page once the job is done: invokes the callback of the Next button at the end of the task.


Optional: all Tk::Photo objects, displayed as appropriate. -na_photo is displayed if the task code reference returns an undef value, otherwise: -ok_photo is displayed if the task code reference returns a true value, otherwise: -error_photo is displayed. These have defaults taken from Tk::Wizard::Image.


The label above the Tk::LabFrame object which contains the task list. Default label is the boring Performing Tasks:.


Optional: the arguments to pass in the creation of the Frame object used to contain the list.


Optional: array-refernce to pass to the pack method of the Frame containing the list.


    -title => "Toy example",
    -tasks => [
      "Wait five seconds" => sub { sleep 5; 1; },
      "Wait ten seconds!" => sub { sleep 10; 1; },


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Copyright (C) Lee Goddard, 11/2002 - 01/2008 ff.

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