Tk::Wizard — a Wizard GUI framework in Perl


A GUI for step-by-step interactive logical process.

In the context of this Perl namespace, a Wizard is defined as a graphical user interface (GUI) that presents information, and possibly performs step-by-step tasks, possibly depending upon user input.

The Tk::Wizard module automates a large part of the creation of a wizard program to collect information and then perform some complex tasks based upon it.

The wizard feel is largly based upon the Microsoft(TM,etc) wizard style: the default is similar to that found in Microsoft Windows 95; a more Windows 2000-like feel is also supported (see the "-style" entry in "WIDGET-SPECIFIC OPTIONS".) Subclassing the module to provide different look-and-feel is highly encouraged: please see "NOTES ON SUB-CLASSING Tk::Wizard".

Important Changes To Previous Versions


This module can be installed in the normal Perl way, such as one of:

perl -MCPAN -e "install Tk::Wizard"
cpan Tk::Wizard
cpanm Tk::Wizard
# Or manually from source:
perl Makefile.PL && make all test && make install

If you are on Windows you might have to use nmake instead of make - or you could try:

ppm install `Tk::Wizard`

If you set environment variable TEST_INTERACTIVE to any non-zero value, most of the tests will pause and you will have to click the "Next" button several times to get through them.


Copyright (C) Lee Goddard ( 2002, 2015, ff.


Please see the Changes file for details of updates.


Daniel T Hable.

Alex S B. James Tillman; Martin Thurn; Paul Barker; Peter Weber; Scott R. Keszler; Slaven Rezic.