Major changes for Perl module version

This is not a complete list of changes.  See repository for full details:

  * Upgrade to ppport 3.62
  * Import fix for core build warning

  * silence warning for our LC_NUMERIC_LOCK macro

  * Released 0.99_26 as 0.9927

  * Add usage error to pure-perl vcmp
  * Quote version classname in test for 5.8 compatability
  * Use base instead of parent for tests
  * Update ppport.h for future compatibility

  * Fix stack usage in vcmp method
  * Drop Perl 5.5 compatibility
  * Use PERL_VERSION_GE for Perl 7 compatibility
  * Fix typo in pod example for comparing versions.

0.9924 - 2018-04-19
  * Revise CPAN metadata to advertise correct repo
	Patch from Ed <>

0.9923 - 2018-04-15
  * Add back spaces for picky C++ compilers 
	Patch from Karl Williamson <>

0.9922 - 2018-04-12
  * Switch master repo to github

0.9921 - 2018-04-11
  * Silence overly compulsive GCC 7 warning

  * Improve docs regarding trailing zeros

0.9920 - 2018-04-08

  * Backwards compatible locale handling

0.9919 - 2018-04-08

  * Core improvements to locale handling

0.9918 - 2017-04-15

  * Fix compiling under C++11

  * Make version::regex variables public for better reuse

  * Use rel2abs for require in tests to support 5.26.0 @INC

  * Move change list to standard CHANGES out of README

  * Better taint handling for Perl < 5.17.2 with tests

0.9917 - 2016-05-29

  * Fix version::regex captures, resolves:

0.9916 - 2016-03-18

  * Incorporate changes from bleadperl (destined to be 5.24.0)

0.9915 - 2016-03-05

  * Clarify details of Lyon Compromise:

    - version comparision should be done irrespective of the presence of
      underscores in the string used to initialize the version object

    - underscore should no longer be used as a tuple separator in vstrings or
      vstring-like strings; vstrings are converted to tuples by splitting into
      *characters* (not bytes) and converting to codepoints; any elements after
      the first must be in the range 0-999

    - numify/normal should produce a standarized string representation without

    - stringify should produce the best possible representation of the value
      used to initialize the version object; it should include underscores
      only if the initializing value was a non-vstring string.

    - floating point numbers used as initializers are converted to a decimal
      string form at the precision limit of the architecture; people will be
      warned about this in the documentation

0.9914 - 2016-02-18

  * Release non-alpha version to CPAN

0.9913_01 - 2016-02-17

  * Apply one additional changeset from leont to handle magic v-strings

0.9913 - 2016-02-16

  * Release non-alpha version to CPAN

0.9912_03 - 2016-01-21

  * Apply two pull requests from bitbucket:

0.9912_02 - 2016-01-03

  * Fix stupid mistake in locale tests, resolves:

0.9912_01 - 2015-12-31

  * Apply patch to implement Lyon Consensus:

  * Also resolve the following tickets:

0.9912 - 2015-01-20

  * Complete reverting the ill-conceived alpha->normal() code, resolves:

  * Skip leading zeros when parsing dotted-decimal versions after the
    first element, resolves:

  * Minor change to report the correct URL, resolves:

0.9911 - 2015-01-17

  * Backout change to normal() and numify() because it breaks Module::Build

0.9910 - 2015-01-17

  * Ensure that calling either normal() or numify() on an alpha version
    is explicitly a lossy operation, and add a warning to that effect.  Forbid
    trailing bare decimal for dotted-decimal versions.  Change heuristic in vpp
    to better resolve v-string versions.  Various cleanups.


  * Patch from Dave Mitchell to rewrite the parser and avoid warnings
    from clang.  Resolves

0.9909 - 2014-08-15

  * Compatibility release for Perl 5.20.1.  Apply two patches from bleadperl
    (one which shipped with 5.20.0 and one from bleadperl) so that a clean
    release can be applied prior to 5.20.1 being shipped.  Holding back a
    few other improvements, so expect 0.9910 shortly.

0.9908 - 2014-02-02

  * More optimizations courtesy of Daniel Dragan (
    Also resolves:

0.9907 - 2014-01-12

  * Lots of optimizations of XS and C code courtesy of Daniel Dragan
    (  Lots of minor tweaks as well.


0.9906 - 2014-01-04

  * Applied C89 compatibility fix from Karl Williamson to  Added back
    support for $version::LAX and $version::STRICT to resolve:

0.9905 - 2014-01-04

  * Major rewrite of XS code to permit easier inclusion in core Perl (mostly 
    written by Father Chrysostomos <>).  XS code is no longer
    supported for any Perl < v5.10, although the pure Perl code still works
    going back to 5.005_04.

    In addition, the version::vpp class is now completely independent and can
    be use'd exactly like the base version class.  It is still better to use
    the base class for compatibility purposes.

0.9904 - 2013-08-20

  * Final upstream changes from bleadperl.  Resolves RT tickets:

0.9903 - 2013-08-18

  * Upstream test changes from bleadperl.
    Include version::vpp even when installing XS version.
    Subtle locale test changes.

0.9902 - 2013-03-05

  * Upstream test changess from bleadperl.
    Support env PERL_ONLY=1 as well as --perl-only.
    version::new with no arguments reads past the end of the stack.

0.9901 - 2012-04-26

  * Fix problem with short floating point alpha versions (e.g. 0.52_0).

0.99 - 2012-04-26

  * Apply missing patch from core Perl to prevent overflow with ludicrous

0.98 - 2012-04-25

  * Apply patch from core Perl to prevent overflow with ludicrous versions.

0.97 - 2012-02-28

  * Minor tweak to locale test to skip if no locales are installed at all.

0.96 - 2012-02-06

  * Merge in upstream changes from bleadperl.  Improved locale tests.

0.95 - 2011-11-12

  * Restore compatibility in replacement UNIVERSAL::VERSION with the behavior
    of Perl 5.14.x, essentially by reverting the changes in

  * Fix segfault error with strings that begin with 'v', especially the string
    'version'.  Resolves:

  * Forbid all math operations on version objects in base class (this was
    already the case for XS code but the pure Perl was lacking).  Resolves:

0.94 - 2011-08-21

  * Clarify documentation on advisability of using leading 'v' (it isn't
    mandatory, but it is much more likely to DTRT).  Resolves:

  * Use a localized DIE handler when attempting to load the XS code, in case
    the caller has its own DIE handler.  Resolves:

0.93 - 2011-07-27

  * Fix problem with UNIVERSAL::VERSION noted by Father Chrysostomos.

0.92 - 2011-07-26

  * Forbid negative versions.  Make replacement UNIVERSAL::VERSION return the
    original $VERSION scalar if called without a requested version.  Resolves

    Rewrite code so that we just override all subs for Perl >= 5.9.0 (when was added to the core).

0.91 - 2011-06-05

  * Fix compilation/linking on Strawberry Perl, resolves

0.90 - 2011-06-01

  * Make all tests pass even with older Test::More releases.  Resolves

0.89 - 2011-05-31

  * Change behavior of pure Perl qv/declare to match the core/XS behavior;
    do not use parent's new() class for derived classes.  This breaks
    encapsulation but I can justify it because qv/declare is a very
    specific thing that shouldn't be casually overridden (unless you do it
    directly in the subclass).

0.88 - 2010-12-19

  * Fix Makefile.PL to make Strawberry Perl happy.  Resolves:

0.87 - 2010-12-09

  * Remove Build.PL since there are modules in the Module::Build tool chain
    that require, leading to circular dependencies.  This also allows
    Module::Build itself to depend on

0.86 - 2010-11-26

  * is_strict/is_lax were not exported correctly (which no one noticed).  Also
    pull in strict/lax tests from core.

0.85 - 2010-10-25

  * Don't include MYMETA.yml file in distro

0.84 - 2010-10-24

  * Restore public API vcmp() broken in 0.83

0.83 - 2010-10-17

  * Changed vverify API (David Golden).  Improved heuristic for non-magical
    v-strings (Perl 5.6.0-5.8.0).  Install in proper patch post-@INC

0.82 - 2010-04-13

  * Still more changes to sync with Perl 5.12.0-as-released.  Rewritten POD
    thanks to many hands, but mostly David Golden.  Vastly improved Regex
    definitions from Zephram.

0.81 - 2010-02-01

  * Merge in changes from bleadperl that will be part of Perl 5.12.0.
    Completely rewrite pure Perl code to operate exactly like the XS code,
    through the creation of a character-array class called charstar.  Now
    the pure Perl code and XS code can be more easily be synchronized.

0.80 - 2010-01-21

  * No outwardly visible changes.  This release is to fix an assertion error
    with certain picky/older compilers.  NOTE: this is not the version object
    code that will be part of Perl 5.12.0, which will be released shortly as

0.79 - 2010-01-03

  * No outwardly visible changes.  This release is to match the code that 
    will part of Perl 5.12.0, but which doesn't affect the external API of
    the CPAN release.

0.78 - 2009-10-12

  * More changes to improve the non-magic v-string heuristics, this time 
    affecting both the pure Perl and XS backends.  NOTE: these fixes only
    matter if you are running Perl 5.6.x to 5.8.0 (inclusive).  Beginning
    with Perl 5.8.1, v-strings are now magical and no longer has
    to guess.  Resolves:

  * Also resolve the issue where attempting to install CPAN releases on top
    of core releases (e.g. 5.10.0 and 5.10.1) would not DTRT.  Resolves:

0.7702 - 2009-09-07

  * Add additional contraints to the code which tries to guess whether
    something is a v-string or not for Perl 5.6.0 through 5.8.0 (inclusive).

0.7701 - 2009-07-28

  * Special RHEL4.x/Fedora4.x Are Too Stupid to Live Release.  Those distros
    have never updated beyond Perl 5.8.5/5.8.6 respectively.  Consequently,
    they contain a complete broken Test::More::use_ok which doesn't load the
    package into the correct namespace:

    thus causing mysterious test failures.  No code was changed at
    all. :(

0.77 - 2009-07-26

  * Complete POD rewrite to document common usage in version.pod and put all
    of the implementation details into version::Internals.

  * Resolve a number of RT tickets:
    RT#48135 - Compilation failure using MS VC++ 7.0.
    RT#47980 - Remove need for runtime class loading in pure Perl code
    RT#46921 - locale and eval action at a distance.
    RT#45241 - mistaken regex to convert large exponential numbers
    to non-exponential form before scanning.