Revision history for Signal-Mask

0.008     2014-08-02 02:16:19+02:00 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fix return values of block/unblock_signals
          Make dependency on Thread::SigMask optional

0.007     2014-03-07 00:48:17CET+0100 Europe/Amsterdam
          Drop dependency on Const::Fast
          Fix error message in Signal::Pending
          Fix descriptions

0.006     2011-08-02 16:58:23 Europe/Amsterdam
          Deal with previously masked signals in tests

0.005     2011-01-24 00:21:18 Europe/Amsterdam
         BACKWARDS COMPATIBILTIY BREAK: changed exported hashes to global hashes

0.004    25-09-2010
         Fixed up MANIFEST

0.003    24-09-2010
         Added Signal::Pending
         Made scalar values of the tied hashed more meaningful

0.002    07-09-2010
         Don't export anything by default
         Use thread specific signal masks
         Include the last signal number
         Give a proper NA on Windows

0.001    31-08-2010
         First version, released on an unsuspecting world.