Revision history for POSIX-RT-SharedMem

0.10      2014-08-16 13:44:46+02:00 Europe/Amsterdam
          Set locale to "C" for predictable error messages
          Converted tests to Test::Fatal

0.09      2014-08-07 18:33:07+02:00 Europe/Amsterdam
          Remove Const::Fast dependency
          Update documentation to include description, see also and proper formatting

0.08      2011-12-11 15:35:19 Europe/Amsterdam
          Add a flags parameter to shared_open

0.07      2011-11-28 23:42:36 Europe/Amsterdam
          Conditionally link to librt (darwin bugfix)
          Work around bugs on FreeBSD and OS X

0.06      2011-09-10 11:44:19 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fixed creation mode and permission
          Converted to Dist::Zilla

0.04    2010-09-03
        Handle modes correctly
        Converted from Readonly to Const::Fast
        Added some more tests

0.03    2010-03-08
        Fixed linking options on BSD
        Handle error conditions in Perl land
        Added offset option

0.02    2010-02-28
        Fixed missing dependency

0.01    2010-02-28
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.