package HTTP::MobileAgent;

use strict;
use vars qw($VERSION);
$VERSION = '0.36';

use HTTP::MobileAgent::Request;

require HTTP::MobileAgent::DoCoMo;
require HTTP::MobileAgent::JPhone;
require HTTP::MobileAgent::EZweb;
require HTTP::MobileAgent::AirHPhone;
require HTTP::MobileAgent::NonMobile;
require HTTP::MobileAgent::Display;

use vars qw($MobileAgentRE);
# this matching should be robust enough
# detailed analysis is done in subclass's parse()
my $DoCoMoRE = '^DoCoMo/\d\.\d[ /]';
my $JPhoneRE = '^(?i:J-PHONE/\d\.\d)';
my $VodafoneRE = '^Vodafone/\d\.\d';
my $VodafoneMotRE = '^MOT-';
my $SoftBankRE = '^SoftBank/\d\.\d';
my $SoftBankCrawlerRE = '^Nokia[^/]+/\d\.\d';
my $EZwebRE  = '^(?:KDDI-[A-Z]+\d+[A-Z]? )?UP\.Browser\/';
my $AirHRE = '^Mozilla/3\.0\((?:WILLCOM|DDIPOCKET)\;';
$MobileAgentRE = qr/(?:($DoCoMoRE)|($JPhoneRE|$VodafoneRE|$VodafoneMotRE|$SoftBankRE|$SoftBankCrawlerRE)|($EZwebRE)|($AirHRE))/;

sub new {
    my($class, $stuff) = @_;
    my $request = HTTP::MobileAgent::Request->new($stuff);

    # parse UA string
    my $ua = $request->get('User-Agent');
    my $sub = 'NonMobile';
    if ($ua =~ /$MobileAgentRE/) {
        $sub = $1 ? 'DoCoMo' : $2 ? 'JPhone' : $3 ? 'EZweb' :  'AirHPhone';

    my $self = bless { _request => $request }, "$class\::$sub";
    return $self;

sub user_agent {
    my $self = shift;

sub get_header {
    my($self, $header) = @_;

# should be implemented in subclasses
sub parse { die }
sub _make_display { die }

sub name  { shift->{name} }

sub display {
    my $self = shift;
    unless ($self->{display}) {
	$self->{display} = $self->_make_display;
    return $self->{display};

# utility for subclasses
sub make_accessors {
    my($class, @attr) = @_;
    for my $attr (@attr) {
	no strict 'refs';
	*{"$class\::$attr"} = sub { shift->{$attr} };

sub no_match {
    my $self = shift;
    require Carp;
    Carp::carp($self->user_agent, ": no match. Might be new variants. ",
	       "please contact the author of HTTP::MobileAgent!") if $^W;

sub is_docomo  { 0 }
sub is_j_phone { 0 }
sub is_vodafone { 0 }
sub is_softbank { 0 }
sub is_ezweb   { 0 }
sub is_airh_phone { 0 }
sub is_non_mobile { 0 }
sub is_tuka { 0 }

sub is_wap1 {
    my $self = shift;
    $self->is_ezweb && ! $self->is_wap2;

sub is_wap2 {
    my $self = shift;
    $self->is_ezweb && $self->xhtml_compliant;

sub carrier { undef }
sub carrier_longname { undef }


=head1 NAME

HTTP::MobileAgent - HTTP mobile user agent string parser


  use HTTP::MobileAgent;

  # from PSGI $env hash:
  my $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new( $env );

  # from %ENV (CGI mode):
  my $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new();

  # from Apache (mod_perl 1.x):
  my $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new(Apache->request);

  # from a HTTP::Headers / HTTP::Request object:
  my $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new( HTTP::Headers->new( ... ) );
  my $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new( HTTP::Request->new( ... ) );

  # from a raw user agent string:
  my $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new($agent_string);

  if ($agent->is_docomo) {
      # or if ($agent->name eq 'DoCoMo')
      # or if ($agent->isa('HTTP::MobileAgent::DoCoMo'))
      # it's NTT DoCoMo i-mode.
      # see what's available in H::MA::DoCoMo
  } elsif ($agent->is_vodafone) {
      # it's Vodafone(J-Phone).
      # see what's available in H::MA::Vodafone
  } elsif ($agent->is_ezweb) {
      # it's KDDI/EZWeb.
      # see what's available in H::MA::EZweb
  } else {
      # may be PC
      # $agent is H::MA::NonMobile

  my $display = $agent->display;	# HTTP::MobileAgent::Display
  if ($display->color) { ... }


HTTP::MobileAgent parses HTTP_USER_AGENT strings of (mainly Japanese)
mobile HTTP user agents. It'll be useful in page dispatching by user agents.

=head1 METHODS

Here are common methods of HTTP::MobileAgent subclasses. More agent
specific methods are described in each subclasses. Note that some of
common methods are also overrided in some subclasses.

=over 4

=item new

  $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new;       # from %ENV
  $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new($env); # PSGI env hash
  $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new($r);	 # Apache or HTTP::Request
  $agent = HTTP::MobileAgent->new($ua_string);

Parses HTTP headers and constructs HTTP::MobileAgent subclass

If no argument is supplied, $ENV{HTTP_*} is used (i.e., expects a CGI
environment to be setup)

If a single hash reference is given, then that hash is treated as a
PSGI environment hash.

If a blessed reference which is based on Apache (mod_perl 1.x),
HTTP::Headers or HTTP::Request is passed, those will be used 
accordingly to parse data.

If a single scalar is given, then that is taken to be a raw user agent
string. Note that most likely this form of usage will not give you much
information, as some mobile agents put useful information on HTTP headers
other than only C<User-Agent:> (like C<x-jphone-msname> in J-Phone).

=item user_agent

  print "User-Agent: ", $agent->user_agent;

returns User-Agent string.

=item name

  print "name: ", $agent->name;

returns User-Agent name like 'DoCoMo'.

=item is_docomo, is_vodafone(is_j_phone, is_softbank), is_ezweb, is_wap1, is_wap2, is_tuka,is_non_mobile

   if ($agent->is_docomo) { }

returns if the agent is DoCoMo, Vodafone(J-Phone) or EZweb.

=item carrier

  print "carrier: ", $agent->carrier;

=item carrier_longname

  print "carrier_longname: ", $agent->carrier_longname;

=item display

  my $display = $agent->display;

returns HTTP::MobileAgent::Display object. See
L<HTTP::MobileAgent::Display> for details.

=item user_id

  my $user_id = $agent->user_id;


=item gps_compliant

  if ($agent->gps_compliant) { }

returns if the agent is GPS compliant.



Following warnings might be raised when C<$^W> is on.

=over 4

=item "%s: no match. Might be new variants. please contact the author of HTTP::MobileAgent!"

User-Agent: string does not match patterns provided in subclasses. It
may be faked user-agent or a new variant. Feel free to mail me to
inform this.


=head1 NOTE

=over 4

=item "Why not adding this module as an extension of HTTP::BrowserDetect?"

Yep, I tried to do. But the module's code seems hard enough for me to
extend and don't want to bother the author for this mobile-specific
features. So I made this module as a separated one.



If you have any idea / request for this module to add new subclass,
I'm open to the discussion or (more preferable) patches. Feel free to
mail me.


This module is now ported to PHP as Net::UserAgent::Mobile by Atsuhiro
KUBO.  See for details.

=head1 AUTHOR

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa E<lt>miyagawa@bulknews.netE<gt> is the original author and wrote almost all the code.

with contributions of Satoshi Tanimoto E<lt>tanimoto@cpan.orgE<gt> and Yoshiki Kurihara E<lt>kurihara@cpan.orgE<gt>

=head1 LICENSE

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.

=head1 MAIN

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<HTTP::MobileAgent::DoCoMo>, L<HTTP::MobileAgent::Vodafone>, L<HTTP::MobileAgent::JPhone>,
L<HTTP::MobileAgent::EZweb>, L<HTTP::MobileAgent::NonMobile>,
L<HTTP::MobileAgent::Display>, L<HTTP::BrowserDetect>

Reference URL for specification is listed in Pods for each subclass.