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Version 15, May 2017
    - exit non-zero on any reports

Version 14, March 2016
    - correction to linenum:column location when X<> codes
    - quieten CPAN messages down to --verbose
    - document -I option

Version 13, February 2016
    - check module existence in App::cpanminus copy of
      02packages.details.txt per Ben Bullock RT 112111.

Version 12, February 2013
    - recommend Pod::Simple 3.24 for parsing of man-page names with
      dots such as L<login.conf(5), as reported by Dave Rolsky RT 82972

Version 11, December 2012
    - tests avoid No::Such::Module which did in fact exist for a time!

Version 10, November 2012
    - tests add some diagnostics

Version 9, June 2012
    - avoid warnings from dangling symlinks
    - document $plc->check_tree()

Version 8, June 2011
    - fix stray Sort::Key::Natural meant to be only optional

Version 7, February 2011
    - fix Makefile.PL for perl 5.6

Version 6, October 2010
    - more eval protection on CPAN::SQLite, mainly for cpantesters probably

Version 5, September 2010
    - test manifest only as an author test

Version 4, May 2010
    - allow refs to bullet and number items
    - check manpages by plain man run if --location not available

Version 3, May 2010
    - trap dodgy CPANPLUS errors possibly relating to sqlite

Version 2, May 2010
    - trap errors like unwritable ~/.cpan
    - tests don't fail on spurious CPANPLUS warnings

Version 1, April 2010
    - the first version