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Wx::Perl::PodRichText::SimpleParser -- parser for PodRichText


This is an internal part of Wx::Perl::PodRichText not meant for outside use.

This is a Pod::Simple sub-class with output to a given target Wx::RichTextCtrl widget. It's not settled exactly how much is done here and how much is left to the target Wx::Perl::PodRichText (which is a Wx::RichTextCtrl subclass). Perhaps in the future it might be possible to parse into any RichTextCtrl or RichTextBuffer.

The start/end handler calls from Pod::Simple generate calls to the RichText attribute methods such as BeginBold(), EndBold() etc, or for paragraph attributes BeginLeftIndent() and EndLeftIndent() etc. RichText indentation is an amount in millimetres and the current code makes a value which is about two "em"s of the default font.


Pod::Simple, Wx, Wx::Perl::PodRichText


Other Ways to Do It

Pod::Parser is also good for breaking up POD, together with Pod::Escape and Pod::ParseLink. It's used by Wx::Perl::PodEditor (in Wx::Perl::PodEditor::PodParser).

An advantage of Pod::Simple is that its parse_lines() allows a Wx main event loop to push a few lines at a time into the parse to process a big document piece-by-piece. There's no reason Pod::Parser couldn't do the same but as of its version 1.37 it doesn't.




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