Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin -- pluggable catalogue extensions


 package Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin::MySeqs;
 use Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin;
 @ISA = 'Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin';
 # ...


Catalogue plugins are loaded and used by Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue. A plug allows an add-on distribution or semi-independent components to declare which OEIS A-numbers they implement and what NumSeq sequence parameters can create the sequence.

This is an internal part of Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue not yet meant for general use yet, but the intention is for add-on sequences to declare themselves in the A-number catalogue.

A plugin "Foo" should sub-class Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin, so

    package Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin::Foo;
    use strict;
    use vars '@ISA';
    use Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin;
    @ISA = ('Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin');

A set of A-numbers can be declared with an arrayref of information records (a hashref each). For example

    use constant info_arrayref =>
       { anum  => 'A999998',
         class => 'Math::NumSeq::Foo',
       { anum  => 'A999999',
         class => 'Math::NumSeq::Foo',
         parameters => [ param_a => 123, param_b => 456 ],
       # ...

This means A999998 is implemented by class Math::NumSeq::Foo as

    $seq = Math::NumSeq::Foo->new ();

and A999999 likewise but with additional parameters

    $seq = Math::NumSeq::Foo->new (param_a => 123,
                                   param_b => 456);





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