Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue -- available A-numbers


 use Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue;
 my $anum = Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue->anum_first;
 my $anum_next = Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue->anum_after($anum);


This module lists the A-numbers available for Math::NumSeq::OEIS. It includes those available from NumSeq module code and those available from files.

A-numbers are handled as strings like "A000032". Six digits is usual, though rumour has it the plan is for seven digits like "A1000000" when the millionth sequence is reached.

Add-on distributions can extend the catalogue by creating a plugin module. See Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin for details.


$anum = Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue->anum_first()
$anum = Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue->anum_last()

Return the first, or last, A-number available.

$anum = Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue->anum_before ($anum)
$anum = Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue->anum_after ($anum)

Return the A-number before, or after, a given $anum. Return undef if there's no more A-numbers in the respective direction.





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