Finance::Quote::MGEX - download Minneapolis Grain Exchange quotes


 use Finance::Quote;
 my $fq = Finance::Quote->new ('MGEX');
 my %quotes = $fq->fetch('mgex', 'MWZ19');


This module downloads commodity futures quotes from the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX),

Using the futures page

which is


The available symbols are for example

    MWZ19      Minneapolis wheat
    KEZ19      Kansas wheat
    ZWZ19      CBOT wheat

    ICH19      national corn index
    IHH19      hard red winter wheat index
    IPH19      hard red spring wheat index
    ISH19      national soybean index
    IWH19      soft red spring wheat index

The "Z19" etc is the contract month letter and the year "19" for 2019. The month letters are the usual U.S. futures style

    F    January
    G    February
    H    March
    J    April
    K    May
    M    June
    N    July
    Q    August
    U    September
    V    October
    X    November
    Z    December


The following standard Finance::Quote fields are returned

    name currency
    bid ask
    open high low last close net
    method source success errormsg

Plus the following extras

    time                  ISO string "HH:MM"
    contract_month_iso    ISO format YYYY-MM-DD contract month

Prices on the web pages are in eighths but are always returned here as decimals so they can be used arithmetically. For instance "195-2" meaning 195 + 2/8 becomes "195.25".


Finance::Quote, LWP

MGEX web site



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