Finance::Quote::Casablanca - download Casablanca Stock Exchange quotes


 use Finance::Quote;
 my $fq = Finance::Quote->new ('Casablanca');
 my %quotes = $fq->fetch('casablanca','MNG','BCE');


This module downloads stock quotes from the Casablanca Stock Exchange,

Using pages like,

The web site terms can be found at the end of the home page. As of June 2009 reproduction of information is for personal private use. It's your responsibility to ensure your use of this module complies with current and future terms.

Quotes are delayed by 20 minutes.


The following standard Finance::Quote fields are available

    date isodate name currency
    bid ask
    open high low last close p_change volume
    div ex_div div_yield
    method source success errormsg

ex_div is in ISO YYYY-MM-DD format, or if no dividend at all then the field is omitted.

Plus the following extra fields

    bid_quantity      number of shares at the bid
    ask_quantity      number of shares offered at the ask
    year_high         \ as per year_range
    year_low          /
    net_profit        total company profit
    payout_percent    how much of net profit paid as dividends
    par_value         of each share
    nominal_capital   par_value * shares_on_issue

cap (market capitalization) is last times shares_on_issue. net_profit is eps times shares_on_issue.

dollar_volume_both_sides is so named since it seems to add both the buyer's dollar value and seller's dollar value, ie. roughly "2 * last * volume".


Finance::Quote, LWP

Casablanca Stock Exchange web site



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