Author image Kevin Ryde
and 1 contributors


App::Chart::Weblink -- web page links for symbols


 use App::Chart::Weblink;


A weblink is a URL to some web site page related to a symbol, such as a company information page or commodity contract specifications. The weblinks for a given symbol are presented under the "View/Web" menu in the main Chart GUI.


Create and register a new weblink. The return is a new App::Chart::Weblink object, though usually this is not of interest (only all the links later with links_for_symbol below).

Return a list of App::Chart::Weblink objects for use on the given symbol. Eg.

    my @links = App::Chart::Weblink->links_for_symbol ('BHP.AX');


Return the menu item name for $weblink. This can include a "_" underscore for a mnemonic.

Return the url for $weblink on $symbol.

Return true if the menu item for $weblink should be sensitive for $symbol, ie. there's a target URL for that symbol.

Open a web browser to show $weblink for $symbol.


App::Chart::Weblink::SandP, App::Chart::Gtk2::WeblinkMenu