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App::Chart::Gtk2::Ex::CellRendererTextBits -- helpers for Gtk2::CellRendererText objects


 use App::Chart::Gtk2::Ex::CellRendererTextBits;


App::Chart::Gtk2::Ex::CellRendererTextBits::renderer_edited_set_value ($renderer, $view_or_model, $column_num)

Setup $renderer so that when edited the new value is stored to the given view or model $column_num using a set_value() such as ListStore and TreeStore implement.

The underlying model doesn't have to be a ListStore or TreeStore, anything with a set_value() is fine. $view_or_model can be any of

  • A viewer widget with a model property, such as Gtk2::CellView. The model it's showing when edited is used.

  • A viewer object with a get_tree_view method, such as Gtk2::TreeViewColumn of Gtk 2.12 and up, returning a Gtk2::TreeView or similar which in turn has a model property. When packing a renderer in a TreeViewColumn just pass that column and the TreeView and model it's showing when edited is used.

  • A Gtk2::TreeModel with a set_value method, for direct use. It might sometimes make sense to store into a different model than the one being viewed, but the paths (Gtk2::TreePath coordinates) must be the same.

Usually the $column_num to write back is the same column displayed by the renderer, per add_attribute(). But there's no way to automatically extract that from the renderer/viewer setup (as of Gtk 2.20) so it must be supplied here.

If you're using a single renderer in multiple viewers or columns then this function is no good because it records a single destination viewer/model and column within the renderer.


Gtk2::CellRendererText, Gtk2::Ex::WidgetBits



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