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App::Chart::Database -- database functions


App::Chart::Database->add_symbol ($symbol)

Add $symbol to the database. If $symbol is already in the database then remove its "historical" marker.

App::Chart::Database->delete_symbol ($symbol, $notes_too)

Delete all data relating to $symbol from the database. If $notes_too is given and it's true then delete user notes and annotations too.

Symbol Info

App::Chart::Database->symbol_exists ($symbol)

Return true if $symbol exists in the database.

App::Chart::Database->symbol_is_historical ($symbol)

Return true if $symbol is marked as historical, meaning it's delisted, or renamed, or whatever, but in any case is no longer actively trading.

App::Chart::Database->symbol_name ($symbol)

Return the stock or commodity name for $symbol, obtained from the database.

App::Chart::Database->symbol_decimals ($symbol)

Return the number of decimal places normally shown on prices for $symbol. For example prices in dollars might have this as 2 to show dollars and cents.

It's possible particular prices in the database or a quote might have more than this many places. The return is 0 if there's no information on $symbol.


$value = App::Chart::Database->read_extra ($symbol, $key)
App::Chart::Database->write_extra ($symbol, $key, $value)

Read or write extra data associated with $symbol. $key is a string describing the data, $value is a string or undef. undef means delete the data.

$symbol can be the empty string "" for global extra data. Some data sources cache information this way.





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