Changes for version 0.999924 - 2010-03-08

  • Added default TLS cert and key to Mojo::IOLoop to make HTTPS testing easier, so "mojo daemon --listen https://*:3000" now just works.
  • Added request limit support to the daemons.
  • Added basic authorization and proxy authorization support to Mojo::Message::Request. (esskar)
  • Added tick callback to Mojo::IOLoop to make mixing multiple event loops trivial.
  • Added the ability to pass arguments to Mojo::Template blocks.
  • Added layout support for partial rendering, in addition all render arguments are now localized.
  • Added more routes tests. (doubi)
  • Cleaned up documentation.
  • Cleaned up tests.
  • Relaxed Mojo::Server::CGI read timeout.
  • Fixed ioloop timers to actually work and added tests.
  • Fixed PSGI environment auto detection and removed .psgi file generator since it has become obsolete.
  • Fixed Mojolicious sessions to remove the session cookie immediately if it's not needed anymore. (ask)
  • Fixed routes method condition to consider GET and HEAD equal.
  • Fixed test requiring Perl 5.10.
  • Fixed a loader bug. (mvuets)
  • Fixed layout and extends scope in MojoX::Renderer. (korshak)
  • Fixed daemons to create listen sockets before changing user and group. (xantus)


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The Box!
Asset Base Class
File Asset
In-Memory Asset
Minimal Base Class For Mojo Projects
Async IO HTTP 1.1 And WebSocket Client
Command Base Class
CGI Command
Daemon Command
Prefork Daemon Command
FastCGI Command
Generator Command
Application Generator Command
Gitignore Generator Command
Makefile Generator Command
Get Command
PSGI Command
Test Command
Version Command
HTTP 1.1 Content Base Class
HTTP 1.1 MultiPart Content Container
HTTP 1.1 Content Container
HTTP 1.1 Cookie Base Class
HTTP 1.1 Request Cookie Container
HTTP 1.1 Response Cookie Container
Cookie Jar For HTTP 1.1 User Agents
HTTP 1.1 Date Container
Exceptions With Context
HTTP 1.1 Filter Base Class
HTTP 1.1 Chunked Filter
Hello World!
Detect And Access The Project Root Directory In Mojo
Minimalistic Reactor For TCP Clients And Servers
Minimalistic JSON
Simple Logger For Mojo
HTTP 1.1 Message Base Class
HTTP 1.1 Request Container
HTTP 1.1 Response Container
Parameter Container
HTTP Server Base Class
CGI Server
Async IO HTTP 1.1 And WebSocket Server
Preforking HTTP 1.1 And WebSocket Server
FastCGI Server
PSGI Server
Stateful Base Class
Perlish Templates!
Transaction Base Class
HTTP 1.1 Transaction Container
WebSocket Transaction Container
Uniform Resource Locator
Upload Container
Controller Base Class
Routes Dispatcher
Serve Static Files
MIME Type Based Renderer
Always Find Your Destination With Routes
Routes Visitor
Routes Pattern
Signed Cookie Based Sessions
Controller Base Class
MIME Types
The Web In A Box!
Generator Command
App Generator Command
Lite App Generator Command
Controller Base Class
Micro Web Framework
Plugin Base Class
Agent Condition Plugin
Default Helpers Plugin
EP Renderer Plugin
EPL Renderer Plugin
Header Condition Plugin
Intenationalization Plugin
JSON Configuration Plugin
POD Renderer Plugin
Powered By Plugin
Request Timer Plugin
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