Changes for version 0.999901 - 2009-09-01

  • Added new Mojo::Client, because the old one had bugs that prevented proper scaling and could not be fixed otherwise. Note that this change is not backwards compatible, the decision to make it so close to the 1.0 release was not easy but the bugs were simply too serious.
  • Added native JSON support.
  • Added more designer friendly .ep templates to Mojolicious. The default template format for your application can be controlled with the default_handler attribute of the mojolicious renderer. Mojolicious (in the startup method): $self->renderer->default_handler('epl'); $self->renderer->default_handler('ep'); Mojolicious::Lite: app->renderer->default_handler('epl'); app->renderer->default_handler('ep');
  • Added helper support for .ep templates.
  • Added callback tests. (melo)
  • Added support for MOJO_CHUNK_SIZE=1. (melo)
  • Added not_found.html.* templates.
  • Added input streaming support to Mojo::Content.
  • Added client, param, pause, redirect_to and resume to Mojolicious::Controller.
  • Renamed Mojo::Manual to Mojolicious::Book.
  • Updated Mojolicious lite_app generator to use .ep templates.
  • Fixed many bugs in the HTTP 1.1 state machine and added the ability to pause transactions.
  • Fixed param to be compatible.
  • Fixed a few cases where exceptions and not found events would result in empty pages.
  • Fixed layouts with partial templates.
  • Fixed encoding of non utf8 form data.
  • Fixed body callbacks to get automatic buffering.
  • Fixed a case where Mojo::Server::Daemon and Mojo::Client were too defensive and made them in turn 20 times faster.
  • Fixed keep alive problem in Mojo::Transaction::Pipeline.
  • Fixed and simplified Mojo::Parameters. (gbarr)
  • Fixed xml_escape to use character semantics. (vti)
  • Fixed utf8 handling of routes captures. (vti)
  • Fixed body helper in Mojo::Message and added tests. (vti)
  • Fixed padding byte handling in Mojo::Server::FastCGI. (Jaroslav Muhin)
  • Fixed a few small parser bugs in MojoX::Routes and added tests.
  • Fixed Mojo::Asset::File and added tests. (Yuki Kimoto)
  • Fixed generated scripts. (Yuki Kimoto)
  • Fixed CHLD signal handler for prefork children. (sharifulin)
  • Fixed typo.


Modern Web Development With Perl And Mojolicious


The Web In A Box!
Asset Base Class
File Asset
In-Memory Asset
Minimal Base Class For Mojo Projects
A Simple In-Memory Buffer
Command Base Class
CGI Command
Daemon Command
Prefork Daemon Command
FastCGI Command
Generator Command
Application Generator Command
Makefile Generator Command
Get Command
Test Command
HTTP Content Base Class
MultiPart Content
HTTP Content
Cookie Base Class
Request Cookies
Response Cookies
Filter Base Class
Chunked Filter
Hello World!
Detect And Access The Project Root Directory In Mojo
IO Loop
Minimalistic JSON
Simple Logger For Mojo
Message Base Class
HTTP Server Base Class
CGI Server
HTTP Server
Prefork HTTP Server
FastCGI Server
Stateful Base Class
Perlish Templates!
Template Exception
HTTP Transaction Base Class
Pipelined HTTP Transaction Container
HTTP Transaction Container
Uniform Resource Locator
Routes Dispatcher
Serve Static Files
Web Framework
Generator Command
App Generator Command
Lite App Generator Command
Controller Base Class
Micro Web Framework
Server Tests