Revision history for App-Pods2Site

1.003	2019-10-28

	Update of dependency
	Updated to use of Pod::Simple 3.40 as it allows setting case
	insensitivity on Windows.

1.002	2019-08-24

	Minor layout changes of header/main page

1.001	2019-08-22

	Make a proper guy out of us with a shiny version! (no real code changes)

0.016	2019-08-22

	* A typo in the default lib location config names caused a lib location to be left out
	* All files should have a version number

0.015	2019-01-08

	Support the use of ':path' as an argument to --bindir in order to pick up scripts in the PATH

0.014	2017-09-02

	Minor beautification
	* Minor wording
	* Ensures version output is slashified properly
	* Defaults the title to include the Config 'myuname' value (if any).

0.013	2017-08-08

	Upgrade to latest Grep::Query

0.012	2017-08-07

	Adjust handling of core pods

0.011	2017-06-08

	Non-backward compatible changes: new group concept
	Complete rewrite on how modules are grouped; all controlled by Grep::Query queries.
	Flags controlling 'modules to skip' no longer present as not needed, instead
	--group plays a central role.
	Lots of small and medium touch ups.

0.010	2017-02-01

	Attempt to address some minor Kwalitee issues
0.009	2017-02-01

	Support for simple argv expansion using @filename entries
0.00x   2017010-?