- Add missing Common Controls: 
    Ip address
    Drag List Boxes
    Property Sheet?
    HOT Key?
    Flat Scroll bar?
- expand support for GDI drawing
- evtl. support for owner drawn controls
- also search for "TODO" in the GUI.xs (and other) file

- Documentation:
  - revise and correct FAQ
  - any TBD sections
  - get SrcParser.pm to return info about TBD items.
  - get SrcParser to compare packages and methods found in files with 
    documentation found in files
  - remove EVENTS section from auto generated package documentation where 
    it is not relevant
  - add tutorial for other controls?
  - add tutorial on NEM
  - add tutorial on using Hook() and pack/unpack to cope with events and 
    messages that are not supported.

- Tests
  - add at least a check for each package that it generates the correct
    object type
  - GuiTest: with seperate module or add our own Win32::GUI::Test?
     - SendKeys, MouseClick, PushButton, WaitWindow
     - currently I am leaning towards Win32::GUI::Test, especially if it gives
       us a framework for users to test their GUIs too - Rob.

- Add Win32::GUI::WebBrowser, to give us native HTML support

- Look at seeing if there is a way to prevent PAR (and perl2exe?) packing 
  package Win32, when it's only required for old perls

- warnings: do something with the tests of PL_dowarn to allow at least perl -X
  to turn off Win32::GUI warnings. (see -DW32G_NEWWARN)

- Get everything to run under strictures and warnings.

- Start to split into smaller, more manageable pieces - hopefully this might make it
  easier to add tests.  Look at moving code out of XS and into Perl?